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A Dating Exercise For Women – Amazing Follow Up

Almost a year ago, I posted an exercise (link below) for women that could open their eyes (and possibly hearts) to more men. Basically, the advice and exercise is this:

Every time you see and/or interact with a man, look for something good about him.

While the exercise is meant for single women, it could certainly be something quite positive for women in relationships. When I post advice, I can only hope that it will be followed. This exercise was indeed implemented. Blogging Bellita (link below) has been doing the exercise for a year! Here’s what she said regarding the results. The boldface is mine.

What I expected was that it would teach me to settle. I thought that focusing on virtue, character and other non-sexy but admirable traits would help me to rationalize happiness with a partner I wasn’t all that attracted to.

What I did not expect was that it would increase the number of men I felt genuinely attracted to.

I’m seriously amazed at how many more handsome men there are in my city than there were one year ago. But of course, it was not the city that changed; it was I.

The intent of the exercise was indeed to encourage women to look for other characteristics of men that go beyond the physical. The unintended consequence was that Bellita found physical elements of men to be more attractive to her. While I didn’t mention it in the original post, a huge part of the exercise is to get women simply to notice men, nothing more. Perhaps this is why Bellita is finding so many good-looking guys in her city.

The comments in Bellita’s blog post – sadly, her last – are interesting and point to the social expectation that women should always be bashing men, the culture of misandry. This is part of a comment from Zoe:

My female friends and family have responded quite negatively to my refusal to engage in the “let’s talk trash about the men in our lives” anymore, and are vocally alarmed by my interest in focusing on the positive things I see in any man I encounter these days.

The reaction to Red Pill wisdom, especially when espoused by a woman, is always going to be negative. Going against social expectations, as Zoe is doing, ruffles female feathers everywhere. This is the biggest hurdle to overcome when taking the Red Pill and seriously changing one’s world view of human behavior, especially reproductive behavior. Most people are too content to wallow in the “wisdom” of blue pill social expectations.

A Dating Exercise For Women

One Year Later – Part 2 (Blogging Bellita)

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