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Trying Something New – Need Input

Now that I’m technically no longer The Private Man (link below) and I have the infrastructure to receive payments, I’m going take the advice of Professor Mentu (link below) and offer a regular conference call lasting at least an hour. It will be in the weekday evenings (time to be determined later) and limited to 10 participants per call. All it requires is a minimum $10 donation. When payment is received you’ll get the call details. Each conference call will cover a particular topic and feature time for live questions from you and answers from me.

Some potential topic titles:

  • The Confidence Sub-Routine Is Not Optional
  • It’s Charisma For A Reason
  • Red Pill Wisdom For Guys Dating
  • Get The Date, Dammit!
  • PUA? We Need To Talk

[You get the idea]

There will be some content from my blog but there will be new material. With the opportunity to ask questions, exploring topics more in depth and dealing with participant’s individual issues will certainly happen.

As I don’t do politics or cover the minutiae of social trends, these calls will primarily be about meeting women and how to navigate the ruthless waters of Dating 2.0. I will never do politics nor allow the calls to get political. It’s about me helping guys (and women) with dating and beginning relationship issues, nothing more.

Once a month, I’ll have a serious Manosphere guest (yo, Rollo!) and that conference call will require a minimum $25 donation.

So, what do my readers think? Would you donate $10 for a fun, entertaining, and extremely informative conference call where you can ask questions directly to me?

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