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Archive for the day “August 28, 2011” Hates Happy Relationships

Dalrock has recently clued me into to the online magazine, “happen“. There’s even a clever tagline: because love doesn’t come with instructions. The good folks at produce articles on dating and relationships. It’s conventional wisdom, blue pill stuff. It should also be noted that most of the writers and editorial staff are women or gay men and that the articles are aimed at a female readership.

These articles are written by dating and relationship “experts”. One article, “Overcoming the jinx: How to stop attracting losers” is quite typical of the articles in’s. Here is the link but perhaps membership is required to view it. I won’t republish the whole piece so as not to violate intellectual property laws.

Like most of the articles in Happen, this one presented seemingly reasonable advice for women to avoid losers. Of course, through the Manosphere lens, “loser” in this context is a code word for Alpha BadBoy.

Overall, this particular article is standard pabulum for the perpetually single woman. There isn’t much new from a blue pill perspective. From a Red Pill perspective, this article – and many on “happens” – are quite destructive to dating and potential relationships. To wit:

…you are a woman who deserves a genuine connection with an all-grown-up partner who treats you great.

There is that awful word “deserve”. That word represents a constant drenching of women with bad advice. I’ve covered it before. Want more? Let’s go…

Crank up your standards and set your sights on landing your dream match; someone who inspires you, brings out the best in you, and makes you feel like the smart, funny, and beautiful woman that you truly are.

Nowhere in the article does the author recommend that a woman honestly assess what she brings to the table in the context of dating and relationships. This is the litmus test of valid dating and relationship advice. If the advice-giver is not recommending that a woman honestly reflect on her own value in the sexual marketplace (SMP) or the marriage marketplace (MMP), it’s shitty advice.

Of course, is a capitalistic endeavor and makes its money from singles. It’s good for business if everyone is single and looking to date and/or form healthy relationships. This is why dispenses bad advice. All paid online dating websites have an incentive to dispense bad advice because it’s fundamentally good for the bottom line. My prediction is that and their ilk will soon start seriously pushing the divorce fantasy.

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