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Young Men Can Be So Clueless

Thanks to a comment regarding a post over at Hooking Up Smart (Player or Beta?), I came across the one of the funniest Reddit threads I have ever read. It’s here.

Expand all the comments. Put a plastic bag over your keyboard and then read the stories and comments.

While men might complain mightily that women are way too subtle with their signals, men are sometimes so utterly clueless that it’s comical. This goes doubly for young men.

Here’s a sample (and there are so many others, it took just a minute or two to find this example):

In high school, this chick I was sorta into was in my last class of the day, which happened to be biology. Anyhow, at the time I was 17, had a car, had a job, and I lived on my own in a small 1 bedroom apartment.

Anyhow, she approached me after class one day and asked if she could get a ride home with me. I said yes, of course, not being much bothered by it. As we left, she said “I’m bored, wanna swing by your place first?”, so we went to my place.

Long story short, we basically did not much of anything other than play some video games at my place. Once we got to her place, she invited me in, and we both sat and chatted on her bed for awhile. Then almost out of the blue (stronger hints apparently have no effect on me either), she said “I need to take a shower.” and just started stripping naked.

Not knowing what to do, and always being the gentleman, I said “well, I don’t want to disturb you, so I should probably be going. See you tomorrow in class.” and walked out the door. By this point I had already seen titties and vag (she stripped down pretty fast)…

I was so oblivious it makes me sad.

This is the generation of NiceGuys. Guys who’s mothers said “Be nice, be yourself”.  This is the generation of men completely and utterly emasculated. This is the generation of men told that masculine sexuality is evil and must be so completely stifled as to create sexless eunuchs. It is the generation of men told that women have no sex drives and are pure and virtuous creatures…even though women practically threw themselves at young men.

I have stories like this myself.

We all do.

Throttle Back To Beta

I ride a motorcycle that has some serious engine braking going on. That has proven to be quite useful when I’m out on the vicious highways here in tropical paradise.

As I was once a serious beta orbiter chump, I have learned to throttle back to these behaviors should the situation require it to avoid excess emotional entanglements. If a woman is getting all hot and heavy but yet I don’t desire a long term relationship (LTR) with her, I throttle back to beta behaviors and her LTR ardor cools.

It’s all rather delicate. I do run the risk of losing the sexual element with the woman in question, at least short term. It’s a worthy risk.

But for the alpha (or aspiring) gentlemen who get it, try this line as a quick air-drop of water on a hamster about to catch fire:

“I’ll do anything you want this weekend.”

The rationalization hamster, doused with water, stops running in the wheel. If you’ve been the one who has lead the situation in regards to dating and coital endeavors, the phrase freezes them up and they get all wonky.

Use the window of opportunity to date other women.

You’re welcome.

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