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PM Caption Contest #1

I found this photo over at Lily’s blog. It needs a caption and a good one.

I’ll start (at bottom of photo)

“Oh shit, he’s going to try to put that thing in me.”

“Oh shit, I’ll never be able to put my thing in her.”

OK, comment with your captions.

If it’s good, I’ll give you recognition and maybe buy beer if any of you scrofulous turds end up down here in South Florida.

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16 thoughts on “PM Caption Contest #1

  1. “I think fisting her may be an issue here”

  2. It’s been shopped

  3. Him: Did i think or say that?

    Her: Did he just say anal?

  4. “Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the miracle of forced perspective!”

  5. John VI on said:

    “At least my knees wont get sore”

  6. “That bitch he’s looking at has a better body than I do! You Bitch! fucking bitch!”

  7. day one of turning your vagina into freddy kruger’s hat.

    her: “see dad. had you just gotten me the fucking pony when i was 8 like i asked…..”

  8. Come with me, my little aglet.

  9. Even Shaq has to buy girls gifts to get in their pants.

    Learn Game!

  10. To me, she seems to be about an 8. I would have expected Shaq with a much hotter babe. Perhaps she is one of Ferd’s compensatory sluts.

  11. johnnymilfquest on said:

    Probability of C-section birth: 100%

  12. johnnymilfquest on said:

    Just the tip?

  13. “Damn…when they said half off I thought they were talking about the price!”

    Also the tank top with the soft loafers is a classy touch…for shame

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