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Game For Smokers

I am a smoker. About a year ago I remembered a some funny lines from a comedian regarding smoking. Since then, I’ve been using these canned lines on women which incorporate my filthy habit into a good opening.

This works when I am sitting next to a woman at a bar or in a small group with a target of opportunity. It’s also excellent practice and a good confidence booster. When I’m going to go outside for a smoke I get my cigarettes in hand and turn to the woman sitting next to me…

Me: “Do you smoke?”

Her: “No, thank you.”

Me: “Do you… want to learn?”

If you’re going to use these lines, raise your eyebrows and ask completely innocently.  Be sure to pause after you say “Do you”. That pause is critical because the “want to learn?” is the punchline and you want to deliver it with the correct timing. She will always laugh and appreciate the humor.

Her: “No, I really don’t smoke.” She’s laughing at this point.

Me: “Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.”

Her (laughing still): “No…”

Me (as I’m turning to leave): “Chicken” or “Well, it’s always polite to offer”

Now I go out to smoke. When I return, she’s usually waiting for me and I’ve opened her for a continuing conversation.

There are a lot of dynamics going on with this very small verbal exchange. I usually come across as funny, confident, and a bit cocky.

On the rare chance she actually does smoke, I invite her out with me where I can continue the chat.

Feel free to use this. It’s been remarkably successful to start conversations with strangers.


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11 thoughts on “Game For Smokers

  1. NMH on said:

    Thats really good. You really ought to try to kick the habit. Google “lung tumor pics” if necessary.

  2. Now I’ll be increasing my frequency of smoke breaks just to pick up chicks. Sweet!

  3. detinennui32 on said:

    Now THAT’s how you reframe. Bravo, PM! The issue of personal preferences like cigarette smoking are hard enough anyway with so many people hostile to smokers. PM has come up with a good reframe.

    NMH – agree quitting is best, but the point is reframing, and PM’s post masterfully shows how you do it.

  4. Hughman on said:

    Gold right there! I smoke cigarillos and cigars on occasion (normally when I’m suited up for a fly night out, might as well go for the overkill)

  5. I use this on my non-smoking buddy, Taciturn Tom, and he always laughs.

    He sees me do that to women and keeps muttering that he ought to take up smoking. Tom’s not real good with the ladies.

  6. I’m a former smoker myself. The only part of the habit I miss is the social side. Standing outside the office building with all the other smokers chatting away conspiratorially.

    For the single man, I would imagine that smoking would be a definite plus among women who smoke themselves and a definite minus for those who don’t.

    • It’s a definite minus for most non-smoking women. I don’t lie about my smoking in my profile and when a woman says “no smokers”, I respect that.

      Yes, I know I need to quit and I did stop for about six weeks recently. I am currently investigating ways to stop. I am very concerned about weight gain. I refuse to return to my former status as “el gordo”.

      • NMH on said:

        Ah. I do some serious weight lifting to control that. I’m on 5/3/1, a program that utilizes a bunch of compound lifts. Slowly builds strength but I find it keeps my weight down:

        I have weird genetics. If I didnt weight train, I would appear thin but my muscle would catabolize until I would be just a pile of blubber.

        Even slight loses of weight makes chicks notice.

      • I still drink lots of coffee. Giving up smoking wasn’t an “anti-drug” kick for me. lol.

        As for keeping the fat off, I do have to be careful with my diet. I find that Intermittent Fasting works wonders for me.

        Its not for everyone though. Its just calories in versus calories out in the final analysis.

        Weight training and walking are also good for clearing the head and improving my mood.

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  8. This is gold.

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