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Online Dating… Never Give Out Your Personal Email

While it might seem logical to use personal emails once dating has commenced, it’s actually a bad idea for two reasons:

1. Personal emails are just that, personal. While you might be dating a woman, you might not know if she is batshit crazy. With a personal email address, a batshit crazy girl can wreak havoc on your email account. Use the online dating website as your point of digital contact along with the texts and phone calls. Of course, having a separate cell phone just for dating purposes is also good advice.

2. If using the online dating website as your point of digital contact, you have an excuse to keep logging in to your online dating account. Keep sending out online messages to your regular dating partner via the online dating website and also use the time to check out new, potential dating opportunities. If you get flak for doing this, this means your dating partner is doing the exact same thing and call her out on this.

You’re welcome.

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