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Search Term Weirdness

Every now and again I have a look at the search terms by which readers find my blog.

Here are a couple of winners:

“iwant private mans”

Who doesn’t? Take a number.

“i need a contact number for a porn producer”

WTF? I googled that phrase, without quotes, and sure enough, one of my older posts is displayed in the second page of the search results.

Maybe this is the reason my hit count has been increasing nicely.

For the record, I don’t watch much porn. My imagination and memory are far superior to the creative “efforts” of a porn producer.

Regarding Women – The Most Important Word In A Man’s Vocabulary


Two generations of beta men have been trained to never say “no” to a woman. Women know this and when they are dealing with a weak, supplicating, doormat of a man they know perfectly well that the man simply can’t say no. Exploitation and manipulation commences with vigor.

Women expect men to acquiesce to even the most outrageous demand. As well, women throw out shit tests constantly and far too many men have no clue how to handle those tests. “No” can be quite effective in this context.

Guys, please learn this word and use it with women. Saying “no” is quite the Alpha move in the right context. It accomplishes the following:

1. Demonstrates higher value. You’re communicating clearly and unambiguously that your time and energies are more important than hers.

2. Keeps you out of the beta orbiter classification. There’s nothing more wretched and low than being a beta orbiter.

2. In reference to sex, it shows that you have self-control. It also makes a woman’s rationalization hamster try to spin in two directions simultaneously. That’s some quality entertainment, right there.

As for follow-up advice, keep the explanations to a minimum. If you explain too much the reasons you said “no”, it comes across as beta. “I’m busy and simply don’t have the time.” should suffice quite nicely. If the woman in question is an entitlement princess, she’ll likely demand an explanation. Hold your ground. When she calls you an asshole, simply agree and amplify: “Yes, my father was an asshole as was my grandfather. My great-grandfather, he was a simple jerk.”

Cupcake might storm off in a mock hissy fit but she’ll come back when she wants something that she knows you enjoy, like some sexy time.

If the request or shit test is delivered electronically, simply ignore it. Let one of her beta orbiters tend to her silly request. Shit tests are definitely ignored.

“No” is part of the cure for NiceGuys(tm) looking to reform their beta ways.

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