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The Worst Men’s Website Ever

They have drunk deeply of the Kool-Aid and taken a knife to their own genitals. These men are wretched, self-loathing creatures not worthy of respect. Thankfully, women will never procreate with them and they will vanish from this earth quickly and without having an impact.

Pathetic. Weak. Miserable. Lonely.

They speak of gender harmony and creativity. They are the worst of the white knights and pedestalizers. Women will scorn them. Women will loath them. Women will turn them into slaves. These are not men. These are boys with blind worship.

I present their website and video as an example of what a man should never be, what a man should reject.

It’s unreal.

I have been watching their ongoing videos.

The bile rises.

Involuntary celibacy and cuckolding come to mind.


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30 thoughts on “The Worst Men’s Website Ever

  1. Great find privateman. That was hilarious. Pure self-parody.

    It might be an idea for players to locate those enclaves of the world where New Age belief systems are popular. Non-reverential men might be in short supply there. They could clean up.

  2. LOL, that’s a great parody. I’d love to see Leykis do a parody like this, that would be a hoot.

    • Centerbound on said:

      Centerbound here, I was on the phone with privateman because I was a bit confused as to whether he was promoting this seminar or not, obviously not. He said, “just watch the first 5 minutes”, well I watched the whole thing and felt gag reflexes 30 seconds in. I wish I could remember some quotes out of this, but there were so many that I could have had witty lines for, I just stopped thinking about that, and all I can say is jesus fucking christ… really? i mean REALLY? AFC doesn’t describe this. Perhaps DFC (dismally/hopefully lost/incapable of recovery frustrated chumps?
      Justin (Centerbound)

  3. When I see stuff like this, I pray for the Mongol hordes to invade us and clean up the mess.

  4. perhaps this is a joke? maybe they are just messing around. it is too shocking to be real.

  5. I predict this will go viral on the manosphere! Is it real?

  6. wingman on said:

    Reminds me of one particular approach – become a “faux mo” and hope to grab some sympathizers. Asking gracefully for intimacy?

  7. MrLettuce on said:


    I couldn’t watch the video past the opening font.

    By God and Sunny Jesus, I’ve never seen anything so horrendous and girly.

  8. Maybe I’m in denial, but I can’t stop thinking (hoping/praying?) that this is a late April Fool’s parody. Of course, I did see quite a few guys like this in college back in the 90s (including white dude dreads), but they were very few in numbers back then. If this is indeed legit and not a parody then apparently their type must have spread like fungus. Yikes!

  9. I’ll make a blog post about this myself, but first, I need to get over the shock of what I have just witnessed… now if you will excuse me, I need to go worship the toilet with my offering!

  10. That made me want to kill myself. It was like holding a lit flame to my balls.

  11. Saw this on In Mala Fide the other day. Disgusting. This video is like the Tower of Babel of beta pedestalization.

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  13. In a sane world this atrocity could only have been perpetrated as satire.

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  15. dddunn3d on said:

    Well, there’s one thing to consider:
    In the coming hard times, these types of pusillanimous recreants will be the first to disappear.

  16. All right, I must speak.

    I’m conflicted by this, but not because I’m a simpering Beta. You see, I’m a practicing pagan, which is a goddess-inclusive religion that (theoretically) eschews the 2000 years of anti-sex propaganda the Church has been insisting is righteousness.

    Ah! You say, But Ian! Aren’t all those goddess-worshipping tree-hugging love-me-love-my-menstruation Wiccans working for JUST this kind of emasculating foolishness? How can you, a veteran and celebrator of the world of pornography, simultaneously like sex and still worship a goddess?

    Allow me to explain.

    When radical monotheism was first promoted from the ancient Near East, five thousand years ago, it promoted the single God-The-Father ideal and denigrated the idea that divinity was feminine, too. Considering just how brutal life was back then, perhaps it made sense at the time and in context, but as a result of this explosion of God-Has-A-Dick religion, we evolved the highly destructive Madonna/Whore complex which plagues us to this day.

    You see, when you take the Divine and lop off half of the human race’s ability to identify with it in gender terms, you create a woeful imbalance that leads to an unfair and unsustainable relation between the divine male and female principals that, unfortunately, manifest themselves by insisting that since God Is Male, that females and femininity are an unequal, protected class. That leads to all sorts of crap that bites us in the ass in the end. When Man refuses to recognize the divinity of the feminine — and (this is important) his proper relationship with that divine feminine — he voluntarily gives up his own masculinity in service to the idea that he must always respect and adore women in their special place.

    So we get such things as female entitlement, special treatment, special consideration for their gender, because we refuse to recognize the divine feminine is as much to blame for our lives as the divine masculine. In other words, while a male-dominated religion revolving around a distinctly male divinity SOUNDS like a good idea on the surface, practically speaking it lets women off the hook for their share of the spiritual burdens of life and allows them to blame all of us instead. Plus, it allows the society (and very misguided women) to crack down hard on the one thing that we universally love: sex. A male-dominated religion with a single male divinity and no female divinity leads almost inevitably to sexual repression, hardcore life-long monogamy with serious punishments for transgressions, and the sense in the back of the male mind that you are somehow responsible for all the problems of the world, particularly sexual problems.

    But by acknowledging the divine feminine — and, yes, worshiping it — we can re-establish our proper relationship with both the divine and the feminine. In other words, by worshiping the Goddess in all of Her manifest forms, I’m NOT forced to “worship” women individually and undeservedly, like the Betazoids in the above video do. I worship Her in all of Her sexual glory.

    Part of this relies on the sophistication to recognize the proper, biologically-mandated and evolutionary-positive roles men and women have to play in human societies across time, and particularly now. And that looks suspiciously like the position taken by most of the red pill Alphas in the Manosphere: that men and women both have their role to play, and that both should shoulder an equal burden of responsibility for EVERYTHING — including sexuality. Radical monotheism allows for the demonization of male “lust” and feminine “virtue”, and when the two come in conflict the verdict nearly always goes to the women.

    But in a really equitable and honest pagan society, one should be encouraged to embrace the undeniable sacredness of the Divine Feminine without necessarily kissing every female ass who wants to jerk you around. Because (and don’t tell the womyn wiccans this) the Goddess is on my side as much as theirs, and balanced with the God They empower me to go far beyond the gender-imposed roles that traditional Western society has sought to nail me to and transcend into a spirituality of my own choosing — preferably one that respects my masculinity as on par with femininity in all realms, including the sexual.

    In other words, by respecting the Divine Feminine, I am released from the shackles imposed on me who would seek to shame and control me for the crime of valuing my own sexuality.

    Make sense?

    BTW, I “joined” the above group just so I could see what crazy, self-loathing BS they’ll throw up next.

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  18. someguy302004 on said:

    I just vomited. Could not make it 45 seconds into that video.

  19. Betazeta on said:

    Every last one of these dudes need to be punched in the face repeatedly! And so does Ian Ironwood.

  20. Jason on said:

    I failed. I only made it to the :50 mark, then I had to stop the video because it caused my pre-frontal cortex to experience physical pain.

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