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The Worst Men’s Website Ever

They have drunk deeply of the Kool-Aid and taken a knife to their own genitals. These men are wretched, self-loathing creatures not worthy of respect. Thankfully, women will never procreate with them and they will vanish from this earth quickly and without having an impact.

Pathetic. Weak. Miserable. Lonely.

They speak of gender harmony and creativity. They are the worst of the white knights and pedestalizers. Women will scorn them. Women will loath them. Women will turn them into slaves. These are not men. These are boys with blind worship.

I present their website and video as an example of what a man should never be, what a man should reject.

It’s unreal.

I have been watching their ongoing videos.

The bile rises.

Involuntary celibacy and cuckolding come to mind.

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