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Three Young Blondes And The Bench

Every Friday here in the village by the warm, South Florida Atlantic ocean where I reside can be found live music from two different bands and a very festive atmosphere. There are throngs of people of all ages and from all parts of the world, some visitors, some locals.

It’s a phenomenal opportunity to be social to also practice Game.

With a glass of wine in hand, I park myself on a bench right in front of the most popular nightspot in town. The beach is a few scant yards away.

Within moments, two young blond women sit themselves down right next to me with another blonde standing up in close proximity.

“Sit, relax, take a load off” I tell them.

They all laugh. It’s a good start. These are girls in their late 20s so I know the approach. It’s all about negs and demonstrating higher value (DHV) with them regardless that they just over half my age. They are dressed like 8s and look like 6s or 7s.

We start an inconsequential conversation. Naturally, they immediately start complaining about the losers in the nightclub. I know their frame. They’ve been approached by much older guys and some of the slacker beach types that inhabit these environs.

Their egos are all pumped up by the failed approaches but not satiated because of the very few attractive alpha men in their age range at that particular venue. Regardless, it’s important for the negs and absolute need for the whole DHV thing.

“Guess where we’re from?” says the one sitting right next to me.

“I don’t care, guess where I’m from?” is my response. Seriously, I really don’t care. These three are just young party girls and only worthy of practice Game.

Sure enough, the one sitting right next to me takes two guesses where I’m originally from and she nails it. Of course, I don’t admit it right away. After some idle flirting and flirty chit chat, I let it be known that her guess at my geographical origin is indeed correct.

All three find this amusing but I casually dismiss it as an easy guess given the fact that my village contains mostly folks from particular part of the Northeast. I won’t give them hand in this set.

There is some idle chatter and I throw out a few negs and am generally witty but without being slavish to their needs for attention. I’m the middle age guy not hitting on them, contrary to what they had just experienced in the adjacent restaurant/nightclub.

Being young and with the attention span of houseflies, they started to get antsy.

“We have really have to go.”

I look askance at them and give a dismissive backhanded wave. “Shoo! Go away!”

This generates more laughs and off they go in search of alpha guys to ride or beta men to buy drinks.

The very next evening at about the same time I’m sitting on a bench not too far from where I was sitting previously. Sure enough, the same three young women walk past and immediately recognize me despite the hundreds of people in the immediate area and in the same nightclub they left the previous night and likely just left again.

I smile and roll my eyes. The last one walking past says to me with a smile, “you’re really kind of mean”.

Ah, Game.

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