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Field Report From A Friend

For a bit of the back story on my friend, go here:

My friend, Balthazar, called me yesterday to tell the story of his Gaming experience a couple of nights previously.

He had met an attractive Brazilian woman (mid-30s) two weeks ago using the iguana gesture and had been having a low velocity text and phone communication. The slow pace of things he took as a sign of low interest on her part.

Two nights ago he was texted by this Brazilian woman, Sylvia,  while she was headed to a local hotspot. The text was an invitation. Balthazar, being of sound mind and libidinous nature, headed out to meet her.

This particular nightspot is right on the beach and very close to Boca Raton. It has quite a scene on Sunday evenings. I’ve been there and can attest to the crowds. It’s also a bit of a pick up spot.

Balthazar arrives to find Sylvia’s friend, Trish. He had actually met Trish at the same time as Sylvia. Idle chit chat ensued. Soon, Sylvia herself arrived with another friend in tow. Balthazar now had three women around him. Unlike a traditional cockblocking that might be expected, Sylvia’s two friends were busy raising Balthazar’s social value. “He’s cool”, “You’re here with Balthazar, you need to stick with him.”

Why no cockblocking? Balthazar had already established his value when he first met Sylvia and Trish. The third girl in the equation, Marlene, went along with the other two women, not an unexpected outcome. The whole evening was not a formal date by any stretch. It was simply a social meeting in a night club.

As Balthazar describes, the place was quite full and he was running some Game. Of course, my friend doesn’t know formal Game but when he has some gin in him, he can Game with the best of them. I imagine him tossing out some negs and being confidently playful. Naturally, he’s dressed well as most folks in that particular night club usually are.

Then comes along the dreaded AMOG (Alpha Male of the Group). Balthazar  told me that he was very tall, in incredible shape, and also Brazilian. This fellow quickly garnered Sylvia’s attention and my friend acknowledged that he’d “be crying” all night if the AMOG stole away Sylvia.

Rather than becoming a sulking beta in the face of adversity, Balthazar worked the room a bit, being friendly and outgoing. He didn’t let the AMOG get to him. Sylvia had drifted off into the crowd, the AMOG still circling closely. Thankfully, as my friend related, that AMOG ultimately left. Whew.

How does one recover from a drive-by AMOG? Balthazar found a way. He stood on the rungs of his bar stool, puffed out his chest, and gave Sylvia (a few feet away) the iguana.  It worked. She quickly came over to him. His move was that of both confidence and witty self-depreciation, quite the tough balance to achieve. The gin likely helped.

With Sylvia back at his side, her two friends also came over. After some conversation, Balthazar needed to visit yonder men’s room. All three women followed and waited outside for him.


When my friend left the men’s room, he barely acknowledged the three women waiting for him. He walked right past them and then he surged into the crowded club to mix and mingle.

“I had some stink on me and all the women there noticed it”

What Balthazar was saying is that he had social proof dripping (oh, nice image!) from him because he had three women waiting for him while he was in the men’s room as well as his interactions with those same women while he was at the night club. This gave him confidence and sent out an important vibe to every other female there.

There is more to this story… stay tuned.

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