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Two Questions For My Readers

These are not grand philosophical questions about attraction and dating. These are two questions whose answers might help me better reach my readership. Y’all can answer via the comments, email (see my contact page), or Twitter.

Question 1…

There is a new mobile app for live video broadcasts. It’s called Periscope and would allow me to do such live broadcasts. The app is now owned by Twitter and I’ve seen a few live broadcasts and they looked pretty good. I tried YouTube’s live broadcast function and found it to be hard to use and the final output had too much lag for it to be any good.

If I did start doing such broadcasts would you be willing to download the app and watch the broadcasts? It is possible to use your computer’s browser but I have yet to get access to the real time chat function. Please let me know.

Question 2…

Back in 2013, I held a live meet-up for Spring Break here in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. About a dozen or so guys showed up and it was a good social event. I am proposing doing another meet-up for Spring Break, March, 2016. The meet-up would be either the weekends of March 4-6 or March 11-13. All would be welcome and it would be a casual get-together. If there is sufficient interest, I could organize an event or two to provide some additional structure. Again, let me know.

Thanks, y’all.


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12 thoughts on “Two Questions For My Readers

  1. Hey PM.
    Hope you’re doing well. Glad to keep seeing these awesome posts from you. I don’t comment much anymore, since I’m not your demographic (older, post divorce, looking to date around, etc), but still read every one and recommend them to others.

    Question for you: Is the proposed event only open to your male readers?

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  3. Mack Schuylkill on said:

    1) I enjoy passive content (canned videos) and unless you scheduled regular live events the chances of making an impromptu live stream is low.

    2) Zero chance of making it from NJ to fl. Can’t stand the bright sunlight! (It causes massive interference with my psychopathy, resulting in a mere dark diad. No bueno)

  4. 1) From Australia so nothing live. Also only have Chromecast and periscope has no Chromecasting.

    2) Again, great for the Ft Lauderdale folks but I am in Melbourne Australia. Maybe we can do some California Dreaming?

  5. I’ve watched a couple of short things live on periscope. If it was convenient, I would watch you as well.

    A get together sounds like a lot of fun. Can you organize a decent hotel rate? Preferable below $100/night. Good breakfast bar would be a big plus.

    Also, it’s quite a drive. Anybody want to hit New Orleans before or after?

    • That price point might be doable. I’ll look around at local hotels for prices. I know that hotels in Lauderdale by the Sea don’t have breakfast bars… sorry. However, the hotels just South of here just might have some breakfast grub. Again, I’ll do some investigation.

      • GeminiXcX on said:

        Re, Q1.
        Not qualified to give feedback.

        Re, Q2.
        What is this “hotel” foolishness?
        I would have thought that a “Bald and Evil” man such as yourself would throw this shindig at his personal lair.

        Spread the word, gentlemen:
        Spring-break street-party at Andrew’s place — open invitation list!! (Just don’t touch his motorcycle.)


      • Just keep your hands off his bitch!

  6. Meetup sounds good.

  7. Q1: I wouldn’t watch live broadcasts, though I enjoy the videos. I would caution you about mobile video. Unless it is extremely low quality, streaming mobile video uses a lot of bandwidth and will quickly use up the monthly data allowance of most of your followers’ mobile plans. I tend to wait until I get home and prefer to watch high bandwidth content on youtube.

    Q2: Sometimes I’m in the area for work, so if that were the case when you throw a meetup, I’d be there.

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