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Thoughts About Re-Entry Dating

Despite my eyesight, I do go out and flirt with women. The village is great for that because of the steady influx of tourists and local visitors. The flirting is a fun and harmless exercise and keeps my social skills sharp. Also, such experiences give me fresh material for this blog. My flirting experiences are fairly consistent given the fact that everyone who visits here is looking to experience some form of leisure. The women are incredible receptive to being approached be a friendly man with an ugly dog.

This presents a challenge to me. My readers don’t live in a seaside, subtropical village. My readers are out in the suburbs trying to live their lives with the complications of kids, houses, and possibly difficult ex-spouses. I understand. I also lived out the suburbs leading a complicated life as a single man looking to date single women. I empathize with the frustrations of dating post-divorce and this is why I created this blog and Red Pill Dating.

The biggest challenge for men is to find the right physical/social context where women are the most receptive to being approach by a guy. Men also have to have the skills and practice to know when a woman is open to being approached. This is very difficult. While women over a certain age complain that they are invisible and men complain that every woman they approach reject them. Do you see why this is happening? The women are complaining that attractive men find them invisible. Men are complaining because they are approaching attractive women who, frankly, have other options regarding men.

For the divorced man or woman wanting to get back into the dating scene, the common go-to is online dating. That’s a reasonable tactic and can certainly work better for women. For men, online dating is a serious effort requiring lots of time. The unintended consequence is that men get too much rejection and retreat into social isolation holding way too much anger. For women, they learn that attractive men, even online, have options with women. A better alternative is the singles get-together. Such in-person social events can be found through, online dating websites, ministries at churches, etc. I recommend bringing a friend to such events. It doesn’t matter the friend, male or female. If you’re a bit more shy, make sure the friend is more outgoing that you and break the ice when required.

The advantages of such singles events are fairly obvious. For one, everyone is single and looking which makes women more approachable and men more willing to approach. I speak in generalities, of course, but that’s been my direct experiences with such events. Another advantage is that it’s a good antidote to the disease of social isolation, something that men suffer more than women. Another advantage is that both men and women can see the “competition”, so to speak. This can be discouraging, considering yourselves warned. See other singles of your sex can also be very motivating.

Consider the live singles events as a warm-up to meeting the opposite sex out in the singles wilderness of shopping malls, grocery stores, adult education classes, and other uncivilized places where post-divorce singles actually manage to cross paths, and actually exchange phone numbers. With so many singles attending such events, it may never come to exploring the singles wilderness. Ladies, here’s a life hack that will serve you in good stead when attend such an event or are just out there in singles wilderness.

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts About Re-Entry Dating

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  2. I think a lot of men have so much of their social life tied up in their marriage that when it ends they’re set adrift, as many of the connections were set up through their wives. I made a point early on after the end of my own marriage to get out to every social/fund raiser event I could, even if I didn’t feel like going. Every month I’d pick up the local community events magazines and mark on the calendar the ones that interested me the most. This has led to a lot of new social connections over the last three years and being “pre-approved” by women for their friends. I’ve met a large number of women this way and avoided the grind of online dating. I touch on this in my own blog and will be expanding on it in the future.

    • Richard Cranium on said:

      Also a lot of guys are forced to endure a much lower standard of living post divorce and don’t have the financial stability they had before. Harder to date and entertain when you’re dead broke and living in a hovel.

  3. RC, yep, that’s pretty common problem, getting out of the financial hole. I decided I wasn’t going to date for at least a year, and spend my time rebuilding my life, but did not want to become a reluse either. For my own sanity and empty wallet, I started by going to local free events, like open houses, art shows, street dances and even got into paid events by offering to volunteer and work the event. Some of the events I got into by volunteering were big fundraiser Galas with tickets prices of $100.00- $300.00, events I could not afford to go to even before my marriage ended.

  4. Chris Mackney on said:

    Man driven to suicide by ex wife and divorce courts

    Chris Mackney committed suicide on December 29, 2013 because his ex wife was using the divorce courts in America to torture him and kidnap his children from him. He wrote a 4 page suicide note before killing himself.

    Click to access Lasttestamentofalovingfatherabusedbythefamilycourtsystem.pdf

    LATEST UPDATE: The ex-wife is such a psychopath that is she trying to copyright her ex husband’s suicide note, in order to prevent it from being circulated on the internet. She is using her lawyers to threaten legal action against websites that published Chris’s suicide letter. She is trying to silence him, even in death.

    The website “A Voice for Men” also got a letter from her lawyers and wrote an article about it yesterday:

    Here’s a few more updates:

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