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501 Blog Posts


Top that, motherfuckers!

[Inside joke…but still…]

P.S…. it’s my birthday… I’m now 53

And my dog is still ugly.

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21 thoughts on “501 Blog Posts

  1. Ronin on said:

    I’m 60 and uglier than my dog 🙂 Here’s to more posts for us old bastards .

    • I’ve been doing some research and I think I’m the only guy online giving attraction and dating information specifically to post-divorce single guys. But I could be wrong.

      • Rose on said:

        Well, Happy belated Birthday. And you are wrong about one thing. I am not a post-divorce single guy, but a 46 yr old single woman and have been reading your attraction and dating information for the past few months. I just wanted you to know that I’ve found it very helpful with my recent foray into online dating. It’s given me a different perspective & as a result, a new approach. I have to say, so far, so good! So thanks for your insight & advice.
        I hope you had a great birthday & sending you wishes for many more to come. 😉

      • Thanks Rose, your gracious gratitude does mean a lot to me. My words and feelings are sometimes strong because I speak the language of men. We are direct. We don’t mince words. We have goals and we want to meet them with direct information bereft of the emotional diplomacy meant to shield feelings.

        I do hope you keep reading and have the understanding that men and women communicate very differently. You have stumbled across a very male space. Proceed carefully.

        And keep us posted.

        Middle age attraction and dating is fraught with emotional peril but all of us, men and women alike, can (and should) meet our relationship goals. I wish you well and hope that your find what you are looking for.

        P.S. It’s the next birthday that concerns me the most.

  2. Southport, FL on said:

    Happy Birthday. Glad you are writing again. Missed your observations and attitude when you were gone.

  3. LadyInRedHFX on said:

    I hope you have a very happy birthday 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!

    • It’s amazing that my readers comment and wish me well. As you all know, life is exceptionally challenging for me now and kind words really help.

      P.S. Cancer sucks. And I hate having only one eye! It’s fucking annoying!

  5. But how do you button up a blog post?

  6. Happy Birthday! Mine was Wednesday (51, which rattled me more than last year for some reason).

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    On another note, sometimes life sends some terrible challenges. I’m sorry that things have been so rough. In such times it’s good to have old friends and an ugly dog.

  8. Wingman on said:

    Happy Birthday old bean! It’s all a big joke anyway, so have fun at every chance.

  9. Richard Cranium on said:

    Happy birthday brother I need to get down your way soon!

  10. Tam the Bam on said:

    Cancer? I thought it was something serious, like when you chucked the bike away at an intersection.
    Good luck, you years-than-me-younger-to-within-a-couple-of-days (March 5th) punk. Now get off my lawn. And your goddam dog.

  11. atahualpa on said:

    I got the reference. I made it a catchphrase of mine at the time the whole MM thing was blowing up. Funny.

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