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My Blog Is Anathema To Women

I lost another one because of this blog, another woman that is. I’m quite well used to it at this point in my life. I won’t say it doesn’t hurt. It does. But the emails, comments, and donations via my blog tell me that I’m doing the right thing by speaking truth to power. Here’s the savage irony – my blog gives me strength and confidence, two things that are catnip to women. Yet the downside is that I expose here the essential truths of humanity, especially the often wretched side of feminine humanity. The dames hate that. No, hatred is a word not strong enough. My words are despised, they are loathed. Best of all, my words are feared. All Manosphere bloggers know this.

I’m not going to stop writing. This is what I do. I speak the essential truths about humanity. If humanity doesn’t like those words, then humanity can pound sand. I’ve been given an expiration date and it’s coming up fairly fast so to temper my words does a horrible disservice to my readers. Being temperate does a worse disservice to the post-divorce men who read my words and need help. By the way, y’all should check out Terrence Popp. That’s some funny (and accurate) shit right there.

So, I keep writing. If any of the women I was once involved with read my words and don’t like them, they can also pound sand because I know that I’m writing the truth. This is the Red Pill. This is knowledge that was never even whispered about before the digital age. Now, it’s being shouted from the Internet rooftops and the men – especially post-divorce men – are listening and acting accordingly to their own best interests. To that, I say “congrats!” I hope every man looks in the mirror and does whats good for him and no one else.

I’ve been MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) for about five years. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on relationships with women. It means that I’m committed to looking after my own interests first. If women don’t understand that or don’t like that? She gets the NEXT! After all, there are many single, middle-age women out there. Again, the irony is that women find my approach and attitude very attractive in a man. The more a man eschews women, the more he is attractive to women. Ladies, do you see the complete insanity in that? This is complete and total mental illness and it’s small wonder that one in four of you are on some form of mood altering drugs.

I have no empathy or sympathy for women. None. It’s gone. It was beaten out of me by social expectations and a cultural system that expects me to prostrate myself to the alter of womanhood. Nice try. The only reason to put a woman on a pedestal is to look up her skirt and hope that what’s under there can be accessed with some righteous Pick Up Artistry (PUA)… and then move on. There’s always another one. And another one. And another one. And another one. Related, my dog is more loyal.

Never Go Shopping With Her, It’s a Shit Test

Shopping is all about the estrogen. During my first marital administration, I remember too many trips to the mall where my ex happily tried on shoes and outfits for hours (and hours and hours) on end. I was left holding the bag, her handbag. I went along with it, not knowing that every hour spent this way was another stone chip away in the creation of the divorce sculpture. She called it “retail therapy”. Note to guys, any woman who uses that phrase is a woman not worthy of your affections. You’re welcome.

If the woman of your affection wants to shop with you, say no. Always. Shopping is a time suck for men. It’s a way for women to beat you about the head and neck with a mindless and stupid activity that emasculates you. A mall is the antithesis to testosterone. It is a place where men go to quietly die. The only reason for a man to go a mall is to meet women, on his own. If he’s there with a woman, his balls shrivel up. Sadly, the women know this. Shopping is a shit test, one of the worst.

What makes shopping an even more terrible thing is at the check out counter. She might very well expect the man to take out his own credit card to pay for the trinkets, baubles, and shoes (flats?!) that she has selected for purchase. Worse, she has picked out prudish outfits that do nothing to accentuate her figure. You’re expected to pay for a pathetically ugly cardigan that she will wear on future dates with you? #Facepalm.

There are three cures for the shopping shit test:

1. Don’t go shopping with her. Ever. It can be that easy. Just say no. She’s going to buy stuff you don’t like. Why are you involved with that?

2. Go shopping for you with her in tow. That’s frame control. You’ve got to buy some new dress shirts or a new suit. She can come in handy for an opinion in this regard. Note, you’re not going to any store where she can get something.

3. Only go to stores to find shoes, outfits, and baubles that heighten her sexuality. That pathetic cardigan she wants YOU to buy for her? Nah. You’ll offer to pay for a stripper-like top that accentuates her figure. If it’s your money, you make the rules.

For women, shopping is a legitimate enthusiasm. I understand that. But that doesn’t mean I have to go along with that. Nor should any other man.

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