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Feminine Predictability

This is a fast moving blog post. Guys, if you want to push a woman away, either a friend or lover, just remind her that she’s predictable and acts just like every other woman out there. The dames hate that. Actually, they truly loathe that. It’s a great break up tactic. So please, put her in a category. It really doesn’t matter which one. The end result is that the woman is gone. It’s really quite simple and astonishingly predictable. It matters little the age. Every woman wants to be a special snowflake but a vanishingly few really are. In fact, all women are indeed like that, utterly and totally predictable. Men are too but it’s OK to lambaste the male sex. Go ahead and check out TV, movies, blogs, websites and the like to back this up. It’s open season on men. Hey, that’s ok. It sells papers and increases website traffic.

I sometimes give out rather honest words regarding the ferociously nasty behavior of women. Women are human beings, too. They do some righteously stupid shit, just like us guys. Unfortunately, white knights step in to support the stupid shit that women do. This means that women can continue with their stupid shit. The white knights then get to pretend that they “helped” some despicable dame who had bad or usurious intent. It becomes a vicious circle. Women do stupid shit, men support it.

I’m simply not going there. When I see predictable and bad feminine behavior, I have no restraint in calling it out. This is my obligation. I see this as a way to help out other men who are confused about the feminine imperative. I also understand and can easily live with the consequences of my actions. Truths are permanent and must be spoken. If not, I’m not doing my job, my own moral imperative.

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9 thoughts on “Feminine Predictability

  1. Always remember you are unique.
    Just like everyone else. šŸ˜‰

  2. infowarrior1 on said:

    When you hold a person accountable and demand excellence from him is the day he is more likely to be virtuis.

  3. In light of the last few posts from PM, and his fast approaching expiration date, I have a strong premonition we will be seeing PM slam down some very , very hard truths.

    I’m looking forward to the truths, but not the expiration date.

    To you young-uns – I was here when PM opened this place. Life is short. Make the most of it. Get women and make them your own. Rejection is better than regret. Life life so you have a minimum of regret. Read this:

    Wishing you much peace, PrivateMan.

    • My expiration date is certainly not measured in months, but the statistics are very clear regarding this type of cancer. If I survive past 60, it will be a huge statistical anomaly. As my eyeball is gone, there are no further treatments to that part of my body. For the record, I’m 53 now.

      The tone of my posts might get rather testy in the future, that’s all.

      • Sorry if you already answered this, PM, but what kind do you have? I thought that it hadn’t spread any farther than your eye, and once that was taken care of things would be better for you. Then, as I said before, you started talking about an “expiration date” which was worrisome. Perhaps you had a previous post I missed…

      • The whole saga his here – from the initial diagnosis to my most recent treatments with some fun statistics! Start at the top, keep scrolling down to read my updates. It’s been an adventure that started Friday the 13th (September of 2013):

        And in the middle of it all, I had a fairly serious motorcycle wreck and lost my job.

    • JulesK on said:

      Has it occurred to you that that linked article is quite easily written from a woman’s point of view, as well? And quite a few women do feel that way. I mean, more specifically, the idea that most everyone from the opposite gender is generally suspect and not to be trusted. In a real sense, that’s actually true, too, especially as we all get older, and more battle-scarred, and yes, less trustworthy, for all kinds of reasons, ranging from general brokenness that isn’t necessarily overtly malicious, to downright evil disregard for others’ humanity.

  4. Behold the power in the words of a man with nothing left to lose.

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