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My Blog Is Anathema To Women

I lost another one because of this blog, another woman that is. I’m quite well used to it at this point in my life. I won’t say it doesn’t hurt. It does. But the emails, comments, and donations via my blog tell me that I’m doing the right thing by speaking truth to power. Here’s the savage irony – my blog gives me strength and confidence, two things that are catnip to women. Yet the downside is that I expose here the essential truths of humanity, especially the often wretched side of feminine humanity. The dames hate that. No, hatred is a word not strong enough. My words are despised, they are loathed. Best of all, my words are feared. All Manosphere bloggers know this.

I’m not going to stop writing. This is what I do. I speak the essential truths about humanity. If humanity doesn’t like those words, then humanity can pound sand. I’ve been given an expiration date and it’s coming up fairly fast so to temper my words does a horrible disservice to my readers. Being temperate does a worse disservice to the post-divorce men who read my words and need help. By the way, y’all should check out Terrence Popp. That’s some funny (and accurate) shit right there.

So, I keep writing. If any of the women I was once involved with read my words and don’t like them, they can also pound sand because I know that I’m writing the truth. This is the Red Pill. This is knowledge that was never even whispered about before the digital age. Now, it’s being shouted from the Internet rooftops and the men – especially post-divorce men – are listening and acting accordingly to their own best interests. To that, I say “congrats!” I hope every man looks in the mirror and does whats good for him and no one else.

I’ve been MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) for about five years. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on relationships with women. It means that I’m committed to looking after my own interests first. If women don’t understand that or don’t like that? She gets the NEXT! After all, there are many single, middle-age women out there. Again, the irony is that women find my approach and attitude very attractive in a man. The more a man eschews women, the more he is attractive to women. Ladies, do you see the complete insanity in that? This is complete and total mental illness and it’s small wonder that one in four of you are on some form of mood altering drugs.

I have no empathy or sympathy for women. None. It’s gone. It was beaten out of me by social expectations and a cultural system that expects me to prostrate myself to the alter of womanhood. Nice try. The only reason to put a woman on a pedestal is to look up her skirt and hope that what’s under there can be accessed with some righteous Pick Up Artistry (PUA)… and then move on. There’s always another one. And another one. And another one. And another one. Related, my dog is more loyal.


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27 thoughts on “My Blog Is Anathema To Women

  1. Some of the things you state in this post are…worrisome…PM. Are you doing well enough, sir? 😯
    I’d still like to buy you a drink someday.

    • I loved her. I really did. But my writing will keep me more intellectually involved. I can always find a new dame.

      • Dragonfly on said:

        I don’t understand why she would have a problem with your blog. (or what I really mean is I don’t understand why so many women don’t “get it” or at least appreciate hearing the truth about things – they don’t have to “like it” I don’t like it, but I appreciate truth or at least try to, when it is proven over and over again). 😦 Sad.

      • I don’t usually like or want touch, but I’d give you a hug if you were near me. Seems like you might need one.

        This newest woman who left…did she find the blog, or did you show it to her as a test? Either way, if she couldn’t handle what you write here then perhaps it is for the best. Did she even offer to talk about your writings?

  2. superslaviswife on said:

    You loved her and she probably loved you. But if a woman decides “it’s me or the…” then you’ve hit a point of no return, a near-nuclear incompatibility. Maybe one will eventually find the blog and stick around. Maybe not. But many more women will love you. Some of them will be more compatible.

    • Like I said, I can always find a new dame. And if none like the blog? Not my problem. I come from a family of writers, this is what we do.

      • superslaviswife on said:

        Exactly. Do you think many people would genuinely stick around if you quit the blog for them? There’s no “winning” at that game. Keep doing what you’re good at and what you like. It can only make life better.

  3. So once you decided you’ll moderate male commenters heavily so as to make this blog more comfortable for women….

    …but then you realized the posts themselves aren’t sufficiently women-friendly enough anyway. I could’ve predicted this easily if I bothered to think about it.

    And the fact is that no man can ever go far enough for them. They’ll always find something to whine about. You’ll never be good enough, your thoughts will never be correct enough. The more you try to conform to their expectations, the more they’ll despise you. This is the reason why male feminists are ultimately always disowned and excommunicated, no matter how subservient they try to be.

  4. Nataliya Kochergova on said:

    Some men who wrote way more outrageous things have loyal women. Maybe just luck or other reasons (outrageousness does not guarantee anything), or perhaps it means that by trying to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody. Don’t cave for anyone. I’m sorry this happened, and wish you luck.

    • Outrageousness means standing up for what you believe in. Principles, boldness, courage, bravery. Boldness is immensely attractive to people (women especially,) better to be the bold asshole who won’t back down than the guy who’ll temper himself to fit in. The prior is admired, a leader of men. The latter is your every-day sycophantic excuse for a man, the snivelling fabled beta male.

  5. Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta on said:

    Why do you tell the new darlings about the blog?

    You don’t reveal hear any of your personal identification do you; how does she link you to it?

    Every grown-up has a right to a private sphere… Even when in a relationship.

    You don’t demand her to show you all her journals and letters?

  6. Comparing a woman’s loyalty to a dogs isn’t fair. Dogs are more like men in that way. Women are more like cats. A woman pleased with her man will purr and playfully paw at that dangling string. Try to take the string away and then the claws come out.

  7. If there is no abuse in the mix, I find quite often the reasons given by women for ending a relationship are often not genuine, they are just cover for the real reason…there is someone else on the radar. Any man’s relationship with a woman is only secure if in her mind she has no better options. It’s always been this way, it’s only more visible now because a woman’s basic security is guaranteed by the state and the evidence is all around us via the media and forums like this one.

    That said, women really don’t like to admit any of this, the only time I hear it is when one of the sisterhood has had one drink to many . It comes tumbling out in a rush for about a minute, then they get a shocked look on their face like they realize they’ve just told the Nazi’s what beach the Allies were landing on…

    Where this leaves men post divorce at middle age is something each of us has figure out. For me I’ve turned to re-examining the passions I had in my life before I was married and took up new ones. I still go out to pubs and clubs, but it’s to meet up with my tribe, have a beer, watch the game, play pool and listen to the music. I still date, but not often, at 60 I find few women anywhere near my age range attractive or pleasant to be around….In any event, I have two motorcycles in the garage that need my attention, a dog that needs walking , some new strings for my guitar and a Art show I’d like to see today….

  8. JulesK on said:

    It’s not women. Or rather, it is, but it’s not because women are some different species.

    The people who are capable of sustaining a long-haul, genuine relationship find each other relatively early on – and they stay with each other. There is no “better option” because the whole point is that you are building a life with that one person. There’s definitely a bit of luck, too, meaning that if you really commit a few times and it all ends horribly, you become more and more damaged, even if you manage to not become downright bitter. You bring that baggage to every new relationship, it just can’t be helped. You can try to mitigate, but the baggage is there. And in a way, the baggage just makes sense. You’d be insane to approach a new relationship in the same way once you’ve experienced any real heartbreak.

    So anyway, the rest of us (man or woman) are trying to catch the last bluefin tuna in the sea, and we bring our baggage with us on the fishing boat. We’re also kind of pissed off or at the very least far less trusting of the gender that “wronged” us.

    Women still tend to go for that long-term relationship, but have no idea what it should look like. It’s especially bad if they learn to choose assholes (because asshole can look like “confidence” through sufficiently warped glasses), or, more often as a guy, you choose women you could never really take seriously as relationship material, which makes it easier to discard her later. Even better, if you meet one who doesn’t fit those criteria, you can still learn to put her in that category, because one difference between men and women that I do think is real is that there are far more men than women who can just say “I’m just going to fuck people, and maybe convince them I like them more than I really do to keep them around”. And again, even if you’ve got the right attitude and know what you’re looking for (and are capable of offering the same), you have a very good chance of just not finding it.

    You actually do seem to have more trouble with embracing the whole “just use her for awhile, maybe even convince her this is some kind of relationship when it’s really not” approach. That’s great, and if things had gone differently, you’d be sharing your life with someone. As it is, you’ve become bitter and pretty angry. I can tell you right now, that’s what those women are seeing when they read the blog. They are seeing bitterness and a lot of anger (although still far more tempered and less cynical than many blogs by much younger men with far less right to be angry), and they know that it can and probably will end up directed at them. It is interesting that you do disclose the blog, as a couple of others have noted – another sign that part of you is trying to be genuine and move forward with a relationship that isn’t based on maintaining some kind of “frame” 24/7. But we’re always admonishing people (and especially women, with good reason) that you can’t fix someone else.

    • Yep.

      I read a lot of relationship blogs, and a surprising number rip off the sphere. The main difference? They’re not full of anger or contempt for women. Are the women you date anti red pill? I have a feeling that they aren’t if you have found common ground for any length of time. Are they concerned that the anger and contempt would be directed their way at some point? Probably.

      You’re a writer and you write. It’s your thing and stopping would be desatructive to you. But ask yourself, would you feel comfortable with a woman who WAS comfortable with contempt and anger. Who was attractwd to that? Who required it? Or would something in you see it as a big red flag?

      It\s a bit of a catch-22.

    • ” As it is, you’ve become bitter and pretty angry. I can tell you right now, that’s what those women are seeing when they read the blog.”

      To be frank, good. Just know that your quote above is nothing more than shaming language so you can tell me to keep it down because there are women around. Women only enter the Manosphere at their own risk. Here’s my response – there are men talking here, you need to read more and type less. The men have important things to say to each other.

      Masculine anger is a taboo. Men are told to cry and be more in touch with their feminine feelings. Sorry, cupcake, that’s not happening in the Manosphere. There is a genuineness and honesty here that we’re supposed to suppress. Through the socially expected benign and intellectual words, men can couch their feelings so that women can keep nodding their heads, “uh huh, he might be right but he’s a fine chap.”

      I’m not a fine chap. That was emotionally beaten out of me over a decade ago. I speak my peace as I see it, research it, and experience it. Here’s the honest truth, only two women made the effort to read the heart of my blog where I was telling the hard and uncomfortable truths. One woman did it recently. She’s gone. The other still reads after ten years since we ended the relationship and then starts reading my blog just months after I started writing it. As for the other few dozen in between the two? Solipsism was their call to arms so they only read one or two posts. Yes, it’s a female DNA thing, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, only accept it, begrudgingly. Nicely, the Manosphere lets the guys talk about stuff like this.

      You’re in a male space. Should you try to change it, you will get sharp and merciless resistance.

      • Doubter on said:

        Amen brother. Discourse like this is why I read your blog.
        Good calling out of shaming language and female solipsism. Well done.

        Condolences on the lost bird…..May you find another (or 3) to replace.

    • deti on said:


      In addition to PM’s reply:

      Your comment is in part an attempt to justify women fucking assholes and then bringing baggage to subsequent relationships. That’s not gonna fly with me. Nope. Sort through your own baggage and fix it; don’t expect beta bucks to fix it and then pay the bill for it.

  9. Just Saying on said:

    I lost another one because of this blog,

    This is why it never pays to have only one outlet – that is why I have three in my core group. These are the women that I see every week on a regular schedule – since that serves me well. I also have the rule that 25 is their cut-off age, the reason for that is simple, women start to become needy at that point. They tend to be all about fun and gaining experience in the 18-25 interval and that fits in well with me, and I also enjoy them young.

    But if you want to not be in the position you are in now, I heartily recommend having a string of women to pull from. Sure it takes time and effort, and that is why a lot of men don’t do it. You have to work at having a string of pearls to pull upon for women that will meet your needs. I found that three core women works for me – since the other days I can enjoy my hobbies that supply me with the women that will form my future core group. I have a lot of other women that I call upon for specific things – concerts, opera, circus, whatever, since no one woman enjoys the wide range of things I enjoy.

    That isn’t to say anything negative about women – I love them and enjoy them. But our overall goals in life meet at only certain points before they diverge. I recognize that and this makes it so they can leave, and I’m not left wanting. I just increase my time gathering others and move one of the ones waiting in the wings to be part of my core group. Of course, it takes time and effort – and a lot of men find they do not have it, so they put all of their time and effort into one woman – which leads to unhappiness when they inevitably leave.

  10. Wingman on said:

    Hey PM, we all been there, yada, yada.. Maybe I’m viewing this with a slightly new attitude. I have a dog and a cat. Dog is eternally loyal, affectionate and ready to play. Cat? stand-offish, picky, self-important, and doesn’t communicate anything directly. But the cat definitely let’s me know, in it’s own feline way it wants affection. Manosphere-type behavior works with cats, but with dogs is completely unnecessary. And no, I am not departing into beastiality. What I’m saying is, if we believe in these hard-wired differences between the fauna, why not just accept them for what they are? I will never beat up the cat for not being more like the dog.

  11. “The more a man eschews women, the more he is attractive to women. Ladies, do you see the complete insanity in that? This is complete and total mental illness”

  12. ^^^
    Truth, this is.

  13. feeriker on said:

    PM, I’m sorry to hear the latest news of your condition and the imposition of an attendant “expiration date.” If I may be so bold as to say so, you should be feeling relief at not being involved in a committed relationship at this point in your life. My own personal observation has been that a woman faced with her man’s impending mortality does two things, either one or the other or in succession:

    1. Distance herself completely from him, often with an attitude of comtempt.

    2. Break apart emotionally.

    The first results from the realization that she will soon no longer be able to count on him for provisioning, companionship, or whatever else attracted her to him. Since he is no longer useful to her in his state of decline, it’s time to start casting him aside (she might or might not start looking for his replacement at this stage). Since he is no longer her “rock,” he is now useless to her and unworthy of any more of her attention or consideration.

    The second is simply the weak woman’s outward display of solipsistic selfishness, an expression of “oh, poor me! I’m going to have to be a grownup now and be responsible not only for myself, but for someone else. How will I ever survive? My god, the horror! It’s so HAAARRRRRRRRD!”

    I actually watched a cousin suffer a slow terminal illness that would have been mercifully less traumatic had he not been burdened with a selfish, conniving drama queen wife who exhibited both reactions 1 and 2 in sickening living color and on a non-stop basis. No, a man is better off by himself in his hour of need if the only alternative is the FI on steroids to compound his suffering.

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