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Things I Hate

I’m normally a fairly optimistic and happy guy. I try to give good information to post-divorce singles about the tough experience of attraction and dating advice. I really do want singles to meet their relationship goals. It’s tough all around. I know this. I’ve been through this. So, sometimes optimism can get cloudy. This is one of those times.

Here it comes, things that I hate. Hate is a strong word but I stand by it. Do know that I follow cultural trends I see what is going on in our society so some of that will be in the list.

1. This. For obvious reasons.

2. Social justice warriors. These people are complete scum in the stupid way that all ideologues are complete scum. These people want anyone disagreeing with them to die. Thankfully, they are all mentally ill. They are all seriously mentally ill. I just hope that the world will realize that soon.

3. Human behavioral predictability. Complex western culture? Fuck you. I can say certain words and be guaranteed certain results [All. The. Fucking. Time.]. I can do certain things and be guaranteed the same thing through my actions. Damn… This is the worst of it. Bring on the extraterrestials, I’m bored.

4. Hypergamy. Yeah, this is real. But it doesn’t mean I don’t hate it. I’m happy to offer affection, passion, and intimacy. But I can’t offer material and social provisions so I have to be the most charismatic man on the planet. That’s exhausting! And my dog needs to be walked. Good dog.

5. Willfully ignorant men who don’t understand that attraction to women has subtlety. Yeah, the green light guys can mostly do whatever they want to get their dick’s wet. But that’s the small minority. The yellow zone guys have to get their shit together in order to improve themselves. Unfortunately, they mostly don’t have a clue.

6. Women who demand too much from potential dates. Ladies, here’s the question that you despise: What do you offer that a man wants? Hmmmm, tough question, no? Call your local dating coach and you’ll be asked the same question. Here’s the catch, you’ll be charged cash money for that question. Oh, the irony!


7. White knights. These guys maintain women’s sometimes shitty behavior by protecting them from their own consequences. Theirs is the worst form of chivalry.

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9 thoughts on “Things I Hate

  1. Hi, PM.
    Hope this post is just you letting off some steam and not indicative of anything else being wrong. Keep your head up, good sir, and take care of yourself.

  2. Hamster Tamer on said:

    I hate when a wimminz you meet online, humble-brags (in a PM/text) that she has pierced nipples, but then won’t send you a photo of said nippies… HATE it, hate it, hate-it… makes me think she has identifying TATTOOS in the “affected zone”… Mr. Bill! =:O

  3. Hamster Tamer on said:

    3. Human behavioral predictability…

    I know, after your Game reaches a certain level, it’s like The Matrix, i.e. you actually SEE the machine code running, in real-time… at least with raised-in-America wimminz.

  4. Tam the Bam on said:

    Try my fave cage-rattling response to this sort of TMI.
    Extra-good in polite company.
    “Remarkable. How many nipples do you have?”
    If you can do the Spock eyebrow to go with it, even better.

  5. Tam the Bam on said:

    Hmm. A toughie, for me it’s a toss-up between SJW baboons (an almost exact North American analog of Mme. Mao’s Red Guards) and noisy, interfering White Knights.
    [Think think thinkety think ….]
    On a scale of clear and present danger, I’d say White Knights, as they are only too happy to be used as violent stormtroopers for the F.I., toilet slaves that they are.

    SJWs are just incoherent noise, and frightened of their own shadows. As you say, a self-selecting agglomeration of really quite dreadfully unwell people, almost as though flamboyant mental illness had its own gravitational field. Very annoying though.

  6. PM, dogs are the best. Dogs don’t have endless checklists and pissy attitudes.

    If you take care of its basic needs, you get so much in return. A well-trained dog can be so kind, easy-going, and appreciative. For example, although it was raining, and there was a ton of snow still on the ground, I took my Labrador for a walk so he could piss, sh*t, and stretch his legs. When I wanted to sit down, relax, and watch the hockey game afterwards, he just plopped on the couch and watched it with me. He seemed happy. I looked out for him, and then worried about my needs. No complaining. just contented.

    I don’t do high maintenance- that’s why I keep women I date at arms’ length, and I take breaks from them when I need to.

    Hope the sh*t mood passed.

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