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A Request To The Guardian

This gets a bit complicated but bear with me.

There’s a new Guardian woman columnist who writes about attraction and dating for post-divorce singles. Oh, I know about that! This author has even covered Manosphere issues. Her complete list of blog posts can be found here.

I also blogged about her here.

In my initial blog post, I proposed this:

…have The Guardian fund a trip over here to South Florida. The weather must be awful over there right now. We could go to the beach.

The Guardian is a legitimate UK newspaper with a left-of-center editorial stance. I remember reading it when I was living in the UK so many years ago. I attended the University of Sussex for a year. I get links in my Twitter account to The Guardian and so read their articles often. There are similarities between American and UK culture that can’t be overlooked when considering the relationship between the sexes.

It’s complicated because of all the anonymity. I only know her twitter handle: @GreyStellaGrey and she writes under the pseudonym of “mid-life-ex-wife”. She also claims to be a 50-something single woman doing the online dating thing. But for all I know, it’s a gay man hoping to drum up some clickbait for The Guardian. But the author blocked my own Twitter account so she has no idea what I’m Tweeting. Thankfully, some of my followers are helping me out in this regard…Mina!

Here’s what I am proposing. “Stella” flies across the Atlantic to meet me for a date. Hey, it’s winter in the UK and the weather there sucks at this time of year. The weather here is quite nice. Imagine, The Guardian funds a trip to sunny, South Florida for a disillusioned, 50-something UK single woman to have a date with a one-eyed 50-something American dude who lives close to the beach and has an ugly dog (who snores). What can go wrong?

So here’s what I request… my readers send emails and tweets to The Guardian and “Stella” in order to try to make this happen. All I’m promising is some fine ice cream in my village of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (that even sounds English!). That’s it. After the across-the-pond date, we can each blog about our respective dating experience with one another other. I get page views, The Guardian gets clicks. Win-win. There are some basic logistics to figure out but I’m sure the crack team of administrative types at The Guardian can handle it

This is going to be legendary!

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9 thoughts on “A Request To The Guardian

  1. So you want a blind date with a possibly gay man-bear who blocked you?

  2. This is going to be legendary! Oh… wait… I already said that in the blog post.

    I’m hoping to get someone’s knickers in a twist. Send an email to The Guardian. Let’s get this dame to South Florida!

  3. superslaviswife on said:

    Will do my best to annoy them.

    And I refuse to believe dogs can be ugly.

  4. Tam the Bam on said:

    Read the Grauniad since the ’70s, when it was printed on bedsheets with old sump oil, having been set up by blind-drunk union compositors.
    Never looked at it this century, except when directed to a particularly risible article online, the editorial stance having veered wildly from old-school Liberal (NB: not “lib’ruls”. Free trade, Corn Laws, top hats and frock coats, that sort), through NuLaba authoritarianism, to lunacy, and the infestation of rank and demented “columnists” ( juvenile political cranks and clickbait feminists; ever so cheap to hire though) began to outweigh the factual content.
    Seriously not worth your time, pal. It’s an SJW in-house comic now. A public-sector non-jobbers’ employment agency brochure, with a tiny news supplement belatedly scraped from the web.
    This “Stella” (one of Blighty’s favourite lunchbreak light refreshments) is not going to get her groove back. Guaranteed insane, entitled, and more than contentious. Could well end up suing you for some imaginary offence.
    Caution, chum.

  5. Tam the Bam on said:

    And though this may be laying it on with a trowel:-
    First historical figure in Lauderdale, Hugh de Morville, had a “feisty” wife. A still-recognised tale round here . I drive the length of it at least once a week up and down, on the A68.
    Took a fancy to one of Hughie’s henchmen, an ostensibly Anglosaxon churl name of Liulf, or Lithulfr, and when given the stink-eye by said attendant, set him up with some BS report of a snake (in Britain? lol) loose in the castle.

    “Yair! Yair Hugh de Morville! Li’ulf hath hys sword ydrawen!” she cried.
    Law says, edged weapons in the presence of the Top People is instant death.
    So he was hanged. Without complaint.
    Beatrice, or Eloise, she was. His mother or wife (it’s a bit of a long time ago, things get confused). Still known as a famous witch in the Borders.

    Hughie got his later, as an assassin of St Thomas A’Becket. Although his doom is frequently confused with the end of the warlock Sir William de Soulis, boiled alive in a cauldron of lead roof-sheet on Ninestanes Rig , above the current seat of the Maitland lords of Lauderdale. (Maitland is “Mal-Talent”, = “a talent for cruelty (or evil)”).

    Nowadays, you’d be pushed to get any of the inhabitants to go more than a round of eighteen holes with you. Lovely and quiet. I recommend it, bring good solid drivers, it’s always a bit muddy and windy.

  6. Tam the Bam on said:

    It’s not me that’s weird mate, it’s this bloody country I tell you 🙂
    I could tell you tales of what the locals get/got up to that’d make your skin crawl.
    Did you ever wonder why it goes quiet when “strangers” go into a bar round here, or they all start muttering in their native languages/dialects, like in “An American Werewolf in London”?
    The Tourist board tries to keep quiet about it mostly.

  7. Hmm I find that whole internet phenomenon of getting members of the public to pester a woman, trying to pressure her into dating you, quite distasteful. And I suspect she would as well.

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