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Online Dating Features I’d Like To See

I’ve tried a bunch of online dating websites over the years. I have purchased the premium features so I could get more out of a particular website. I have also researched and talked to many people about what they find frustrating about online dating. As technology has advanced with bandwidth and data storage, online dating websites can add more features. I was having a nice phone conversation with a woman who is actually creating a new online dating website and she asked me for suggestions for her new website. I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days and here’s my list:

1. The expiring message

This is my best idea. Guys send out a message via the online dating website. He selects the “This message will expire option within certain period of time – 24 hours, 48 hours, whatever. When the woman receives the message, she’s alerted that the message will automatically expire (and be deleted) unless she responds to it. Better still, her profile is automatically blocked if she doesn’t respond within the selected period of time. #2 is related to that.

2. The cut and paste preventer

Guys send out way too many copy and paste messages. It’s embarrassing, ridiculous, and completely ruins the online dating experience for women. If he composes and sends out a copy and paste message, the online dating website scans his previous messages and determines if it’s a copy and paste message and displays a warning: “This message is identical to a previous message you have sent. Please change the message or it will not be sent.” Yeah, there will be work-arounds but this feature would ensure that lazy guys stay on their toes when sending out those messages.

3. The lack-of-photo profile blocker

This one is easy. If there is no photo, the profile will not be displayed and is not searchable. See #4

4. The fake profile nukage

Photos are easy to swipe from the ‘Net. But the ‘Net ain’t stupid. Try this  to find some matching images. When photos are posted for a new profile, the online dating website would automatically scan the ‘Net looking for the same images. If one is found of a good-looking person or celebrity, the new profile-poster is presented with this: “The photo you are attempting to upload matches the following photos and your account has been deleted. Sorry, no refunds.”

5. The body analyzer.

A new user attempts to upload a photo and they describe themselves as “slender” or 5’11” in the profile. The website’s algorithm analyzes the photo and assigns the proper weight and height. Hell, maybe it even assigns the accurate age.

I’m no longer the biggest fan of online dating because of the exaggerations and lies that happen with profiles. However, technology can help.


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6 thoughts on “Online Dating Features I’d Like To See

  1. I just really don’t understand the exaggerated profiles. WHY WHY WHY?
    Are people really that insecure/narcissistic/whatever? They have to puff themselves up? What ever happen to honesty and integrity? Doesn’t that count for something anymore these days?
    Great ideas Larry. Consider starting your own online dating service!


    • I won’t be doing my own online dating service merely because online dating is too much of a hit and miss approach to attraction and dating. But the woman I have been speaking with has some good ideas on her own and maybe I can offer up some good advice for her.

      For my regular readers, I acquired the nickname “Uncle Larry” from another forum years ago. It’s a long story and it involves some fun motorcycle rallies. My real name is Andrew, often shortened to Drew.

  2. Great ideas! A feature I’d also like to see: a dating site that only lets you communicate with a limited number of people at a time. I think a large problem with online dating is “the paradox of choice” – it’s so easy for both sexes to think there’s someone “better” just around the corner. That’s part of what makes Tinder so addictive – you want to see who’s next. It would also help curtail the “cut and pasting” spamming aspect you referred to.

    Obviously, a site that had a feature like this would be one more geared towards people looking for serious, committed relationships, as opposed to a hook-up app like Tinder.

  3. Richard Cranium on said:

    Couple more ideas. One would be a feature that read the meta data in the pics and will automatically delete any pics older than 6 months so no one can mislead with old pics. Also limit how many messages you can send back and forth therefore encouraging meeting off-line.

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