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Valentine’s Day 2015 – A Rant

Valentine’s Day is a horrible, wretched day. It’s a shit test for men on a corporate scale. It’s a day when men are strong-armed into being mind-readers in order to buy the perfect gift. It’s a day when greedy restauranteurs and florists exploit weak and feckless men into throwing away perfectly good cash in order to satisfy a manufactured need. Up yours, Hallmark. Screw you, fancy eatery. It gets worse, one of my local realtors is imploring men to buy cupcake a freakin’ condo for Valentine’s day!
It’s the day where vulnerable women can boast to their friends about the largesse bestowed upon them by weak and simple boyfriends and husbands. If the poor, stupid fellow didn’t get the right gift, he’s excoriated by her mob of estrogen. Worse, if he has to ask in advance what gift that cupcake desires, he’s excoriated by her for not automatically knowing her wants and needs. Worse, if he does get the perfect gift, the back of her mind is saying “what a wuss and a doormat”. Valentine’s day is a no-win situation for a man.

A man must simply ignore Valentine’s day. There should be no gifts, not even a slight recognition that the day even exists. A man shows his love in so many other and varied ways throughout the course of the year. If he bows down to the corporate will of Hallmark, he’s bowing down, supplicating himself to the faceless corporations that only seek to profit from his pathetic weakness.

If the man’s wife or girlfriend pitches a royal hissy fit, then the man can simply state he’s looking to the Japanese and Korean model of Valentine’s day. In those cultures, the woman give the man gifts and he has to do little or nothing until the next month. For this, I like those cultures. They understand the value of men in the context of a romantic, intimate relationship. Not so much here where Valentine’s day is a huge romantic landmine for men where just venturing into the minefield means he comes out the loser.

Marc Rudov has, in the past, made some publicity hay about boycotting Valentine’s day. I like that. He called it quite well and was willing to state it publicly on TV. His opposite made quite the stink but all his points are correct. He also brought in the concept of chivalry and how it’s dead. Go on ya, Marc! In conclusion, I hope that all my guy readers take this message to heart. Don’t even boycott it, just ignore Valentine’s day… completely and utterly.

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18 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2015 – A Rant

  1. I haven’t bought into Valentine’s Day for 25 years, long before my red pill days. And I’m pretty up-front with women about it. When I was married, my then-wife and I would usually go out for sushi, at the same restaurant we usually went to for sushi. We’d usually be there for the late service, and since they knew us, they’d gather all the flowers from the tables near the end of the night and present them, wrapped, to her. We had a normal-priced dinner, she got flowers, everyone was happy.

    Any woman who insists on Valentine’s Day largess or gets upset that you got her Skittles handed to her at the bar, you need to ditch instantly. Or school.

    That said, Valentine’s Day isn’t a total bust for the single man. I’ve found that it’s a great night to meet single women who are yearning for someone on that night. Over the last couple of years, it’s been one of the best approach nights of the year.

    They want Valentine’s Day to be one thing. The aware man turns it to his advantage.

    But by no means buy her a condo. Ever.

  2. It’s an utterly ridiculous “holiday”, but I still buy a tiny box of chocolates to share with my lover. Caramels for him, truffles for me, and no sappy cards, expensive jewelry, childish teddy bears, or dying flowers to worry about. Valentines day, as it should be!

    Seriously though…boycott the damn thing. If enough people starve the beast, maybe it’ll go away.

  3. Richard Cranium on said:

    “Seriously though…boycott the damn thing. If enough people starve the beast, maybe it’ll go away.”

    Good luck with that. Between the billion dollar ad campaigns, peer and family pressure, and shaming it’ll never happen. No guy wants to risk being in the “doghouse” and being made to sleep on the couch (in his own house no less) by avoiding and ignoring V Day. 99% of men are still “plugged in” and wouldn’t even think of consider such crazy talk.

    At the end of the day it’s the same thing as the Lexus ads at Xmas time, ads for travel in the summer and the incessant ads for expensive engagement rings. It’s just part of the consumer culture where gifts and/or money is transferred to women simply for the fact is they own a vagina. And they of course expect it because, you know, they’re “worth it.”

    Fortunately due to part choice and part circumstance I’m absolved of any V day duties. Couldn’t be happier.

  4. pdwalker on said:

    I just tell the Missus that “every day is Valentines day” and leave it at that.

  5. I just remind people of the unfortunate incident in Chicago back in 1929.

  6. What’s all the angst over here? Why all the stress? What do you really have to do after all? Pick a restaurant, make a reservation, enjoy an evening out.

    If she’s offended at not getting the right present or enough or whatever, it means you should find a new girlfriend. So single guys should welcome this opportunity to shit test their girlfrends. If you’ve married a spoiled one, it a chance to start down the right path.

    • Richard Cranium on said:

      It’s the expectation of special treatment just because. The man must buy candy, flowers, dinner, etc. just because he’s the “lucky” one to have her. You’re just supposed to “because.”

      The real problem is it puts her on a pedestal. She expects special treatment and gifts and there’s hell to pay of you don’t. It’s just a giant shit test.

      It really flies in the face of the equality BS that we’ve been fed by the feminists for the last 30 years. How many WOMEN will be buying flowers, candy and making dinner reservations for their significant others in the next few days? I bet I could count them on one hand and have fingers left over.

      Reminds me of a joke I heard years ago. A wife said to her husband one day after years of marriage “You never tell me you love me.” He said “I told you I loved you on our wedding day didn’t I?” She said “Yes you did.” He answered “Well if anything changes I’ll let you know.”

  7. We still celebrate it, he gave me a card and some chocolates & I made him homemade peanut butter cups… but we didn’t even make a big fuss about going out, my husband worked last night. When he came home though, he found me in lingerie.

    I’m beginning to not like how our culture celebrates it though. We went to the grocery store yesterday morning, and it was comical (but in a sad way) watching all the men scrambling around in or near the floral center, trying desperately to make an effort at the best flowers or gift. That is just so expensive, and I know the women won’t appreciate it to the degree that he’s thinking she would. I guess I’m becoming more red pill aware, it’s sad to see so many in our culture still plugged in and doing the wrong things.

    I found myself thinking how V-day is nice, but having a great relationship & sex life all the other days of the year is even better.

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