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Online Dating… The Phony Profile

This post is a quick one.

I haven’t stopped online dating. In fact, I’ve upgraded my membership to both PoF and Ourtime (I’m 52, no apologies given).

Looking at the Viewed Me list in Plenty of Fish, here are the first eight dames who have.

Spot the fake profile/photo. This… is online dating.



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22 thoughts on “Online Dating… The Phony Profile

  1. Blondie in the bottom left corner

  2. Jack Schitz on said:

    Lower left most.

  3. Jack Schitz on said:

    BTW, use google images search to search all images. It takes about 2 min (particularly if you use chrome) to search a profile. Most women are stupid and will use Ashley Simpson or something like that…

    • What’s the point of using a celebrity photo? As you said, it’s easily searchable and when/if you meet in person you’ll obviously see how different she looks.

      • In my limited experience, fake profiles and photos are either Russian scammers who eventually get around to asking for money, or disappearing acts who seem to want only that I spend more time on the dating site. I assume the latter group is getting some benefit from the site itself. Or maybe they are the site itself. I don’t know how else to explain them, maybe PM does.

        I haven’t run across real women – women who actually want to meet me – who also use fake photos. I have met a few who used old photos, five years and 40 pounds ago, but they were old photos of the women I met, not of other people.

      • @Mike

        I’d like to know what PM has encountered in regards to fake profiles/photos as well, but your theories would seem to hold true. I have a dating profile (though I never use it) and the idea of even using a picture from 2 years ago seems odd…though the “40 pounds ago” does give a (poor) reason for doing so.

      • Jack Schitz on said:

        +1 on Mike said.

        I think there is another component of women who want to anonymously test this online dating thing out and think (in their wildest imagination) that they kinda look like XXXX celebrity so they put a couple of not immediately recognizable pictures of XXXX up and see what they get. Of course its a horrible sample because 99 times out of 100 they are much uglier than XXXXX, but hey its low risk and I guess bumps their ego up.

      • @Jack

        I could see that. Personally, I can’t think of a single celebrity I look like. Besides, using someone else’s photo would be dishonest. The concept of it bumping their ego up would only work if they wore rose colored glasses every time they look in a mirror, lol. Especially those women who don’t go a single day without caking their faces full of foundation and mascara…

        For some of these chicks, seeing them with and without makeup is like night and day! I often wonder what happened to the natural beauty (or at least nice skin) they must have once had, that they need 15 different cosmetics to recreate every morning? My guess is partying, smoking, drinking, and crappy diets are taking their toll hard.

    • Jack, I’m not following you. How do you use google image search with POF? How does that help? You mean after you get their real names? Or is there a trick you can do based on just looking at their profile?

      • Jack Schitz on said:

        I use chrome which defaults to google search. If you right click on the picture and go down to “Search google for this image” it will do a search for the picture itself. You can do it in other browsers by copying the picture URL (again Rt Click) and pasting into google image search, but it is a total PITA.

        As for why I’m just trying to determine in responding/sending a message whether or not the person is real. If it comes up as some stock photo or photo from an ad, I ignore the profile unless the woman says she’s a model / in fashion /… in her profile. If the latter is the case, then often her agent will have a portfolio and her details should match (e.g., she says she is from Atlanta and her agency says she is from NY then there is a problem). Ideally you either (i) want to find nothing with at least 5-6 pictures or (ii) find consistent information.

        If I decide to go on a date with some woman, I will actually try to determine her real name. This is easiest with the “work pictures” that women often post. If I find their real name I will google it to make sure I am not dealing with a psycho. This actually saved my ass once when I did this and found out that woman in question had filed a lawsuit against some married guy she was dating. After reading the articles on this woman, I canceled and had that feeling of being shot at without result.

      • Jack, you are brilliant. I always piece together who I’m meeting, but did not know about the Google Chrome trick. Many thanks!!!!!

      • Jack Schitz on said:


  4. Blonde chick on the left? Her picture looks pretty fake/unrealistic. Like it has been photoshopped at least…

    • Johnny on said:

      It’s not even that. Why would a woman who looks like that one on the bottom left need OLD? The others…yeah, they’d need it.

      • If she had a severe social anxiety disorder, then she might need online dating in order to get to know someone before being asked out. Or she could be trying to find people in her local area who share specific hobbies/interests, rather than just going out with random suitors. There could be other reasons, but these are what come to mind.

  5. It’s Blondie alright.

    More interesting to me, The Private Man isn’t much younger or, IMHO, much better-looking than I am but he seems to be getting much better prospects viewing him. I’d at least read the profiles of six of those women. The viewers I get, it’s a horrorshow. Maybe I need to relocate.

  6. But is that really almost two months of views? So about one a week? I’m making it up in volume, heh.

  7. I’ve seen it before. I often wonder how many people put up fake profiles for entertainment. Or to troll or mislead people deliberately.

  8. Image search can tell you if she’s lying about something, or merely provide more info to flesh out a profile. This can make a woman look better or worse than her profile. If she’s professionally or socially prominent you can often ID her and get a pretty good sense of what she’s about. By the same token, if you don’t want them to ID you make sure not to use pics in your dating profile that you use for other purposes.

    There used to be a site that would cross-reference profile user names across multiple sites. A woman I’d met on POF who didn’t mention kids listed a child in another of her profiles. Verrrrry interrrrresting.

  9. Also, re the fake profiles – I think these are mostly scammers as the profiles usually don’t fit the pics, contain no info, or are obvious boilerplate copied from somewhere else. The sites could easily screen most of them out, but they have no incentive to do anything unless a user complains, and they benefit from the inflated membership stats.

  10. PrairieDog on said:

    I seem to remember that back in 2007 or 2008 there was an ‘adult’ dating site on which nearly 100% of the female profiles were fake, all the photos having been ‘found’ here and there around the internet. Seems that the site operators had initially used both male and female fakes as a lure to get legitimate users, and were (or claimed to be) surprised to find that almost all of the actual users who posted profiles were men. The operators then had to add more fake women and started sending ‘messages from the fake women to the real men to induce those men to pay the fee to message those women. Complaints were supposed to have been made to the California attorney general, but I have never heard what happened, and since I can’t remember the name of that site, I have no way of researching it.

  11. Free Man on said:

    It is a Special Hell, online dating. Abandon hope, all who enter.

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