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Text Charisma Example

A reader saved a text conversation with a woman he met via Tinder. The very long graphic below shows some key elements to successful texting with the relationship goal being a really short, sexual relationship.

As you read the transcript, look for the following from him:

  • Escalation
  • Conversation theme
  • Consistent frame
  • Verbal confidence

She’s no slouch in this text-based tête-à-tête.

Tinder is a wonder to behold. However, the reader later stated that he does much better with simply approaching women out in public and that he no longer uses Tinder.

Costume convo

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5 thoughts on “Text Charisma Example

  1. “I just got proposed to”


  2. cheesetrader on said:

    This is excellent text game

  3. text game is damn near a necassity now. the only downside is you can’t read inflection and a text that was a tease could be taken as a slight. and… can’t employ kino via text which could lead to further escalation. often, once the texting is done, she can forget the interaction.

    outside of that, i admit, i LOVE text game.

  4. Richard Cranium on said:

    Jeebus I gotta step up my text game it’s weaker than a Chili’s happy hour margarita.

  5. Yes this text game isn’t bad. But he also doesn’t have much challenges to get over. Most of the women i text with just seem like social retards. they don’t know how to respond to humor and playful flirting usually.

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