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#gamergate (Yup, it fits here)

Note: This is an unfolding story. Anytime 4chan is involved, the origin of things can get murky. Even if 4chan started it, this story has picked up serious momentum and the attention of the mainstream media.

As an oldster, video games and I go a long way back. In my youth, our family actually owned an Atari gaming console. It had one game: Pong. It was an idle distraction for Private Boy and his older brother. More sophisticated games could be found in video arcades and those were busy places. I spent quite a few quarters in such places, particular at the game room on Massachusetts Avenue next to the Orson Welles theater in Cambridge, MA. I noticed that some of the MIT kids from up the road were totally into such games and their conversations were all about technology that I simply couldn’t fathom. This was the beginning of gaming culture.

Going forward, I played some Doom on a PC, some Team Fortress, and later some Call of Duty on a Playstation. Enjoyable and a distraction, but I didn’t jump into the gamer culture. But I was aware of it because of my ex’s youngest son was quite the online video gamer and I asked him lots of questions while I watched him play some really cool first-person shooters. I overheard the audio as digital characters ruthlessly murdered each other. Good times.

There’s a stereotype of video gamers in that they tend to be younger men, socially awkward, white, heterosexual, and generally bereft of female attention. The female attention is the key element to the stereotype because it represents an exploitable emotional vulnerability. Demented female Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) moved in to maliciously exploit gamer guys in order to advance a cultural ideology. These puritanical scolds immediately started pushing their ideology with shame, anger, threats; all the usual tricks used by Internet bullies.

Even though SJWs are mentally ill and have a pathological hatred for gamer guys, they had a degree of success. Enough White knight gamers and game journalists fell for the manipulation and at least one high-profile SJW was actually taken seriously. Behold the power of ladyparts on guys who normally don’t get female attention. This is emotional exploitation of the highest order. “I don’t like guy gamers but in order to impose my ideological control on them, I’ll hold my nose and wade into their filth”.

But when ethical lines regarding trading sex for influence were crossed, the gamer community took a stand and basically told the SJWs and the gamer media who supported the SJWs to fuck off with #gamergate #notmyshield. Now the lines are drawn. White knights and SJWs on one side, informed gamers who hate being told what to do on the the other. The informed gamers are also not all white, male, and heterosexual. Oh, the conundrum; it turns out that gamers are not a monolith of white, cis-het scum.

I’m following this whole thing because I know that the SJWs continually try to influence normal and natural attraction and dating between the sexes. There’s a SJW-oriented dating advisor who floats around the Evan Marc Katz blog. In comments, he pushes back with political correctness against the sound and correct advice the EMK dispenses. EMK had to deliver a return comment smackdown at some point. That’s just one example. Every time a guy hears “you should be attracted to…”, there’s a SJW at work, either directly or indirectly through the politically correct media. Attraction isn’t a choice.

SJWs will always be needling the culture in order to fulfill an ideological agenda. Fortunately, they are operating in the context of a relatively free market capitalistic system. Financial profit will determine successful gaming content. That same profit will also determine the successful approach to attraction and dating advice. This makes SJWs seethe with rage and I rather enjoy that.

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8 thoughts on “#gamergate (Yup, it fits here)

  1. Hear, hear!
    I’ve been following the gamergate scandal since early last month, and it just keeps getting worse. I suggest (if you haven’t already) reading the ex-boyfriend’s blog where he exposed the fact that Zoe slept with other men while they were supposed to be an exclusive couple. Given that one of her own definitions of rape is “sleeping with someone without protection while lying to them about the fact you may not be STD free anymore due to cheating”, and she *did it anyway more than once* just goes to show how little she follows her own morals.

    Do as I say, not as I do…at it’s finest.

    A bunch of feminists/SJWs were foaming at the mouth this week because they apparently read some of ex-boyfriend’s blog and found out he had given her an ultimatum at one point: Let me read your communications to the guys you cheated on me with so I know how serious this was, or we are done right now. (He caved in to her tears and gave her some time to think about it unfortunately, which gave her the ability to delete entire weeks of texts/messages/emails.) The SJWs were up in arms, saying “how can he be so entitled, those are her personal conversations”. I wonder if they didn’t know or just conveniently forgot that Zoe had falsely accused her then-boyfriend of being potentially unfaithful and demanded the *same exact thing* which he immediately complied with as he had nothing to hide.

    Projection, anyone?

    I’ve been pointedly staying out of this on my own blog, but it really gets under my skin…all aspects of it. The SJWs who like to think they speak for me because I happen to be a gender dysphoric gamer with a vagina. The white knights who are trying to paint the ex-boyfriend as a crazed villain with a vendetta rather than someone who is exposing the corruption he saw first hand. The feminists who don’t seem to care that this man was the victim of a manipulative, narcissistic, abusive woman with no morals who engaged in “gaslighting” to keep the upper hand in their relationship. The double standards make me sick…if the sexes of those involved were reversed, they’d all be backing the boyfriend. To see one of my favorite hobbies, and gamers in particular, once again having to be on the defensive because of female gamers who feel the need to constantly remind everyone “female = oppressed and delicate”, it just saddens me greatly. Gamers as a whole already are looked down on for various reasons, whether we do tabletop or videogames. Now this…

    End rant.

  2. Quartermain on said:

    I think the pilgrims had something when they had the dunking stool for gossips and scolds.

  3. Quartermain on said:

    The SJWs are a bad joke. They’re anti-social. They’re not about justice and they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

  4. I wonder how much of SJW stuff is really just a manifestation of “The White Man’s Burden” that they feel for their own networks of corruption and control.

    Don’t worry minorities! The people who are fucking you over most are going to tell you how to solve your problems!

  5. EMK gives sound and correct advice? One of us doesn’t know how to read

  6. I would think it would be you, sfcton.

  7. really?
    EMK uses the same anti male shaming language as feminist for men who won’t get with his program,
    he defines high quality men and women in the same terms as feminist
    he runs a business that caters to feminist who pissed away their youth and beauty, helping them pull off the alpha f#cks beta bucks lane change.

    Yea I’ve been wrong before, not likely on this one sparky

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