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Observations At The New Job

I’ve recently taken a new, full-time contract job in Miami. The contracting agency threw enough money at me to accept the very long commute. Where I work is not glamorous Miami. It’s the industrial part of Miami where warehouses and import-export businesses abound. The famous airport is less than a mile away. Topless girls on the beach are quite a few miles away. Despite it’s glamorous reputation, Miami does work pretty well, despite the fierce heat, congested streets, and the occasional alligator eating a house pet.

This is only the second time in my career where I’m working at a corporate headquarters of a huge multi-national company with billions in revenue and the highest profile in its industry, . Normally, I work on nerd farms surrounded by information technology (IT) people. I have no problem with IT people but they represent a stereotype that I found to be accurate. Being at a corporate headquarters means all departments needed to run a huge corporation are in the corporate campus. There are also at least 2,000 people working in the buildings

There are all sorts of people here. It’s a mix of ages, nationalities, languages, personality types, etc. Most everyone is friendly, relaxed, professional, and seem generally happy to work here. When I leave my cube to go to the cafeteria or have a smoke, I see far more social interaction than in the usual IT shop. It’s refreshing and improves my mood, as well. Human beings are social animals.

I make a point to casually observe how the women appear and act in this corporate environment. There are a lot of women here. All ages are represented and it’s a good snapshot of how age impacts a woman’s appearance. Time can be merciless. But I have seen The middle-aged guys working here all kind of look alike. I am convinced that a man’s physical looks plateaus at a certain age, perhaps around 40, and can stay that way for a decade or more.

There is also a very good cross section of how women dress themselves. This company is a bit unusual in that all the summer months are casual dress. The men take advantage of this by generally dressing very casually, including board shorts and sandals. The only exceptions are the many Italian guys who bring a certain European masculine fashion sense, even while casually dressed. But some of their sartorial expressions get dangerously close to hipsterism.

The women dress quite well despite it being casual dress summer. The reason for this is the Latin influence here. The stereotype that Latinas dress better than their American peers is basically true. So the situation is that in the fashion arms race here, the Latinas are usually better armed and the American women are playing catch up. I’ve notice that no matter the age if the figure supports it, the Latinas are far more likely to wear much tighter clothes and much higher heels or sandals.

When I’m observing all this, I have to ensure I don’t stare too much. This is actually really tough challenge given the current state of my eyesight. It takes my eyes quite a while to focus on a particular thing so I’m concerned my gaze is just a hair too long when I’m looking around. Maybe my gaze shows confidence, maybe I’ve crossed the Rubicon into the creepzone.

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5 thoughts on “Observations At The New Job

  1. Cletus on said:

    How’s the eye mate? Last I heard you had a MCM and were about to undergo brachytherapy; how did that go?

  2. Richard Cranium on said:

    First off congrats on the new job I’m between gigs right now and it’s no fun.

    For the most part it seems to be a different mindset with the Latinas where they want to look good and stay in shape. They know that them looking good is an attractive quality to men and as you have said the feminine attracts the masculine. It’s a big part of why a lot of guys are choosing foreign women.

  3. cheesetrader on said:

    Ah yes, the dreaded middle aged how long do i look dilemma… as I do in a college town full of cute young things wearing appropriately tight yoga pants, I’ve simply decided to own it – to gaze with appreciation and a smile – and if/when caught looking – to smirk and bob my head and say thanks. The ensuing giggles and wiggled yogapants clad rears is the seal of approval.

  4. Hamster Tamer on said:

    I’ve been to (the lobbies of) TPM’s current and previous gig sites… and the skirted scenery in 15 minutes of his current gig equals a week’s traffic at the old assignment… told him he should just rent a room and stay down there during the week, “case he gets lucky”… yet, he resists. Pity.

  5. Congrats PM. I like cheesetrader’s approach to the gazing question. Any ‘creepiness’ is merely in her own mind and a long gaze won’t be perceived as such if she finds him attractive otherwise. After I found the RP, I thought about what to do when I encounter in passing (usually on the sidewalk) an attractive woman accompanied by one or more men. Do I look at each? If so, men first then woman? Eye contact only? Now I look at the woman only, starting at her feet and working my way up to eye contact till she’s past or till she breaks it. I look at the men not at all, though I can often see in my peripheral vision that they’re nonplussed or irritated. At least until one of them punches me, no problem, and I often get a big smile from her. Again congrats on the gig.

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