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Yeah, Florida

If anyone asked me 15 years ago if I would ever live in South Florida, I would have said firmly “Hell no!” Yet here I have lived since 2003. This is a truly odd place. It’s so odd that Fark has its own category for Florida. Our local newspaper has a “FloriDUH” section.

How about a cat-eating snake? Yeah, we got one of those:


Details here.

How about Sharknado? We came close.

Few of my readers live down here. Irish Kevin and Tommy Red Shoes being the closest geographically. This means that I have to share the weirdness periodically so y’all get a sense of what happens here in the sticky summer heat of South Florida.

It’s taken about a decade for me to get used to this place. I understand its appeal to tourists in winter. Summer, however, will always be completely surreal here. Come on down!

Oh, here’s a picture of the beach:



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