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Getting Back Into A Better Blogging Routine

While my blog never stopped over the past few months, it did slow down substantially. I also put comments on moderation. This didn’t help my traffic and prevented some potentially excellent discussion. I thought I took comments off moderation, this wasn’t the case due to my mistake. So, I double checked that part of the WordPress administration functions and got things all sorted out. Also, I’ve opened up comments to posts more than 14 days old.

This means that approved commenters can make a comment on any blog post regardless of its age and that comment is published immediately. Of course new commenters must be approved. I’ve already gotten a couple of new hate comments and those commenters won’t be allowed through. Should that happen, I will wield the ban hammer.

It’s my plan to publish at least 12 new posts every month. Going forward, some topics I will resist addressing:

1. Politics/Ideology – I was once very political in my past. I’m not going there again with directly political blog posts. I will, however, take the occasionally swipe at feminism just to stay in practice. Commenters won’t be turned away for getting political.

2. The Alpha/Beta dimorphism  – Masculine attractiveness is on a continuum. To be sure, those words can successfully be used in very absolute terms. Life isn’t always so absolute and I’m not going to encourage such absolute thinking. That’s too easy.

3. Drama – The guys in the Manosphere don’t all get along and I’m not going to exacerbate the situation with a blog post nor will I allow any comments through that mention any conflicts.

I will continue to provide advice for post-divorce singles (men and women alike). I won’t get huge traffic but I will maintain a nicely loyal readership and get more readers over time. I haven’t forgotten my cancer page because my cancer certainly hasn’t forgotten me. As for my blog roll, I made an update recently and will update it irregularly. The donate button remains and will always remain.

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8 thoughts on “Getting Back Into A Better Blogging Routine

  1. I am a new reader as of yesterday. It looks like I’ve found a kindred spirit regarding the big C. 4 times now, and tomorrow, another surgery, another stretch of letting the writing go unattended, another round of weaning off painkillers. (I should look for your cancer page.) Yet somehow, I still manage some unusual game. I’m 56, but that is not always an issue. In fact, I’m surprised at how often it makes no difference. There are ways around age without dropping one’s standards to a great degree. I too used to be overtly political, but it occurred to me how many members of each side have gone out of their way to make sure I stay alive. Nobody asks whom I voted for, just how can they help, so I have lost that fire. Feminism does annoy and destroy, but it is also great, unintended amusement at times. Bright side, silver lining, whatever. I try to keep my perspective. I also try to keep my commentary/lurkerism ratio near 50/50 so I hope to be back around after recovery. Best of luck as to your own battles with the monster. And by the way, I found your blog either reading up on the hamster or male expendability. You know how it is on the internet; one trail leads to another and you forget how you got there.

  2. It’s great that you don’t plan on letting anyone talk about conflicts among red pillers in the manosphere, because on some blogs it is just getting out of hand with the huge number of posts dedicated to some personal beefs (and the ensuing comment sections wars as well). And man, how annoying is that. Too much drama makes our lives way too horrible and us too bitter.
    Anyways, thanks for deciding to write more!

  3. Richard Cranium on said:

    Good to see you getting back on the horse my friend I know it’s been a rough year for ya.

    Lately I’m finding I’m paying less attention to the ‘sphere in general and focusing on certain sites more than others. There’s only so much that can be said until it starts getting redundant and with all the posturing and certain guys trying to out-douche each other it’s just turned into a lot of white noise. The real nuggets are harder to sift through and as I said before everyone has a different idea on what the grand message should be so there’s a lot of conflicting info. Too much time is wasted battling each other and not enough energy is spent moving forward.

    Having said that I feel you’ve carved out a nice niche here. Many guys at a certain age haven’t dated in 20 years and/or don’t have skills to compete in the harsh world that is Dating 2.0. Now if you can get Lucy to fetch a beer you’d really be on to something!

  4. Excellent, i’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I invite you to have a look at my blog also, following a similar theme:

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