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Remember Danny From 504?

“Editor’s” Note: Danny has pretty much given up blogging on his primary website. That’s his choice and I respect it. But his life has moved on. Gone is his military career – he retired at 40 – and a new career, after vocational school, will soon begin. But in the meantime, his life is interesting and I’ve agreed to post some things of his. This is his post. I’ve not corrected or edited anything. It’s copypasta at his request.

it’s been a while since i thought about writing something. to be honest, i really didn’t have anything to write about. well that’s officially changed.i got a job.i placed applications at damn near every place that has radiology. i STILL haven’t gotten a call back and when i call they refer me to HR. so i placed applications at every restaurant within 15 minutes of my house. 2 places called back. long story short, i’m now a kitchen guy at hooters. yes, hooters. they let the fox into the chicken coop. been there about 2 weeks. and let me tell you, it’s been fucking interesting. for now, i can really only do dishes, but that means i ALWAYS have the girls coming up to me.first, one of the girls came to the back and made a smart ass comment, a shit test. i called her out and told her she was on planet danny, and on planet danny i’m the sun and she’s the moon, and moon revolves around the sun. she laughed it off and gave me a, “yeah, ok.” and walked away. the next day she came in about an hour into the shift and asks me, “so i’m the moon and you’re the earth?” i laughed and told her i was the SUN. now when she comes in and drops off shit for me to wash i tell her, “thank you my moon.” and she answers with, “of course my sun.” tonight i got her number and going for drinks wednesday. she’s easily a 7.

i have a large rack above me to the right that the girls put cups in. when the racks are full, i wash them. when they’re done, i stack them to my left for the girls to take back out. i think it was day 2 or 3 that a girls came in and placed cups in the rack and said, “we always have cups.”. i told her they weren’t cups, they’re  love. i pointed to girls rack above me and told her that the girls love me, then pointed to my stacked cups and told her that i love the girls back. she laughed and walked out. same girl was placing cups in the rack and was standing very close to me; she’s about 5’8″. i turned my head to the right to grab shit and i got a face full of tit. i backed away and apologized- she was laughing. i told her “thank you” while making a voice like my face was buried in there still.

the girls HATE getting wet, and i have the hose. the girls know if they stay in my section too long they may just end up getting a little water on them. so they unload their shit as quickly as they can and hurry away. i now know how to cause just enough spray to get a little on them. when i do they squeal and talk shit. i give them a side glance and point the hose right at them. they yell playfully and run out the kitchen.

and then there’s the best part about being in the wash station. when the girls come in and leave for the night, they change in a corner behind me. well, when we close, and they’re rushing to get out, they change out of their shorts and shirts in front of me. one new girl asked why they change with me the there and one girl said dismissively, “he works here, he doesn’t doesn’t count.” then one girl called my name, i looked ad she was standing there without her shirt and asked me if i liked her bra. i laughed and told her if she kept it up she’d end up pregnant. all the girls laughed.

the other night, while the girls were changing to go home, a girl mentioned, “i finally got my clit pierced. i love it.” this led to a brief conversation about best sexual positions for clit piercing, which led to favorite sexual positions. and it wasn’t a conversation that was had in a hushed tone. they were VERY vociferous about it.

they just hired a new girl- solid 8. when we were starting the shift she was pretty chatty with me. i don’t know her, so i said little more than to answer her questions. as the shift went on, every time she came to the back, she’d stare me down for a good 4-5 seconds. prolonged eye contact- classic IOI. as we were closing one of the kitchen guys told me that girl liked me. i told him i knew. he looked at me weird and i explained the eye contact shit.

he laughed. this guy is banging the hottest girl in the kitchen (she’s WAAAAAAAAAAY too young for me). but i call his chick my little mermaid. she LOVES it.

my girl was changing and i told her we needed to hang out we have a day off. i copped her number and we did a little text flirting after i got home. and let me tell you, the girls at work are 7’s MINIMUM.

they feed me free food, give me a beer after shift, and i get paid to neg 7’s+. and if you don’t neg the girls, you’ll get rolled by them. i LOVE this job.

stay up.

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16 thoughts on “Remember Danny From 504?

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  2. Richard Cranium on said:

    Cool glad to hear something from him. At least he kept his old site up a lot of valuable stuff on there. I was a bit concerned he deleted his new blog and his Twitter is gone too but I just assumed he was adjusting to his new life.

  3. MaxM on said:

    Danny was shown to be a fraud or at the very least a real asshole…support him if you wish…I suspect that is why he deleted blog and twitter

  4. Rocket on said:

    Glad to hear Danny is doing ok.
    And yeah I know about the Matt Forney business and the calls that Danny is a fraud.
    The first thing I learned when I took the RP is “They have been lying to me !!!”.
    So Danny did too, big deal. He’s not the first and will not be the last.

    What I do want to comment on is Danny’s realization and its this. Our country is Fucked.
    His experience looking for a job is NOT unique and will be faced by any white male who is
    starting over. Post divorce or post whatever.
    White. Male. Over 40. NOBODY WANTS YOU.
    This should be message to every male. And its time to spread the word.
    Feminism, political correctness, socialism, man-hate, whatever you want to call it, now controls.
    To the males of America. If you ever lose your job … you will be LUCKY to be a dishwasher
    in a restaurant. And the key word is lucky. Lose your job and most men in america will never
    work again … because MEN ARE NOT WANTED.
    Time to spread the word.

  5. reformed hippie on said:

    MaxM…danny’s blog could be the biggest pile of lies on the internet (which given Matt’s deliberately aggressive/clickbait style in all his posts I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt) and it would still be awesome. his “frame” is great. As a relatively short gentleman who can’t take anything to seriously, danny’s was one of my favorite game blogs. his formula: give girls shit, make them laugh and have fun. His style is the closest to what I was doing when I was doing it right, before I started analyze what game was. The whole James Bond business never was me, I found danny very inspiring. Good to hear from you Danny, thank you for your contribution to this corner of the internet, and best of luck.

    • cheesetrader on said:

      Hell yes – I liked have Danny around and wish him nothing but great things in his life. We chatted a few times via email – and i found him exactly like his blog – entertaining and funny as hell. And he, more than anyone, showed me that game is best when it IS a game.

      And the great thing about Danny? You can tell he actually LIKES women – which is far more than I can say for many of the red pill/pua sites out there….

      • Richard Cranium on said:

        Wanted to add something sorry if it’s a bit long. I don’t know Danny from Adam, never talked to him outside of a couple of emails and commenting on his blog. He never really commented on the whole New Orleans situation as far as I know and IMHO Matt’s attention-whoring post was much ado about nothing and could have been handled much differently.

        For example I recently got myself out of a shitty situation with my former band. The whole deal was no longer to my liking and I gave my notice plus the reasons why I was leaving. An incident happened with one of the members after I gave my notice that was worthy of an ass-kicking and highlighted my points for leaving. I’m still furious about it but an arrest record and lawyers isn’t something I need to deal with right now.

        However I didn’t run to Facebook or Twitter or any other social media and cry and whine about it. I also give a professional answer to anyone that asked why I left. It wasn’t working for me anymore and I wanted to explore other options. The real reasons don’t need to be discussed. it’s a small world and many people know each other in the music biz. It will help in my search for a new gig without the rep of a shit talker or someone that badmouths my former band. It’s also part of the mindset about not airing “dirty laundry” in public. Just some food for thought.

        I said all that to get to this. One comment in that whole Danny/Matt/’sphere dick-swinging mess that really struck me was that someone said that the advice from the tall young good-looking well-off guys was meaningless to him. Advice from a short, bald middle-aged regular guy like Danny meant much more because he had to work harder to get his “game” together. As a short, bald middle-aged guy myself I can totally relate to this. I can empathize to Danny and his writings much more than I can to a tall, good-looking 28 year old guy making $200,000 a year on Wall Street. Our experiences are just totally different. It’s not that what the 28 year old has to say doesn’t have any merit but I’m not his target audience. Danny “spoke” much more to me and I really honed in on his later writings about minimalism and living for yourself.

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey on said:

    He should start blogging again. His articles were pretty amusing.

    Unemployed, or Working as a dishwasher at Hooter’s, white men should start their own businesses.

  7. Glad to hear from 504

  8. mindstar on said:

    Great to hear from Danny and he’s working in Hooters? Priceless.

  9. senior beta on said:

    And don’t forget his great recipes. He will wind up the head chef at Hooter’s.

  10. Aleks on said:

    Nice to know danny’s ok and doing well, although Hooters? lol, that was unexpected!

    Anyhoo I saved the best stuff from his blog so even if he should decided to take it down, I’ll still have some of his no-bs wisdom handy when I need it.

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