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Pretty Lie Nuked – Nice Guys

This one is easy.

The dames completely loathe and despise nice guys. If a man is nice to a dame, she will instantly hate him. If she had a gun, she will kill him.

Actually, the word “loathe” isn’t strong enough. Give a dame a gun and she will murder a “nice guy” in a skinny minute.  She will take that gun, point it towards his head and blow his brains out without hesitation. Then she will hit up some Tinder dick to hamster away her homicidal act because she’s so empowered. But if that Tinder  guy is short, he’ll be on the low end of the “Fuck, Marry, Kill” game. Yes dears, men know this game. The ‘Net shows all.

Ladies, you hate nice guys. Please be honest about it. You ladies want a confident, cocky guy. If you want to kill off the nice guys, there are lots of guns available. Oh, and white knights should be the first to go. Thankfully, such guys will line up for the slaughter.

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21 thoughts on “Pretty Lie Nuked – Nice Guys

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  2. Matt on said:

    I’m still fighting against my instinct to be kind and helpful. It’s tough, I’m not wired for an r-selection society.

  3. Envoy extraordinary on said:

    Easy one? I want to end the propaganda! I am female and though I can’t speck for my gender in whole. I can speck in part. I want to define nice. What is gentleman or what is patsy. Woman don’t want a doormat just the same as real men don’t take to doormats either. A bad boy, a geek, an athlete or what ever the label can be hated just the same if an ounce of doormat is detected. But there is something to be said and commended for decency. I am 40 something and I feel old-fashioned most of the time but I’m not alone in admiring manners. Confidence without courtesy is just ugly.

    • Zelcorpion on said:

      There are no female doormats – you deluded fem-speak-woman. Submission in a woman is a turn-on even for a woman (exhibit A: Fifty Shades of Grey). The Nice Guy “Doormats” are the only ones who could appease the complete feminist doctrine portrayed in media, academia and the corporate world. The aging post-wall inner hamster is strong in some indeed.

    • Rudolph on said:

      Out of curiosity explain when a guy is being decent and when being decent is being a doormat. Explain “confidence with courtesy.” Explain “an ounce of doormat.”

      • Niceness without balls is a trait that cuts too close to being female. Even amongst women, we don’t respect other women who are people pleasers. There’s a few reasons for that. Female niceness is a trait that is forced on us by societal expection. Often times, it’s not authentic. And other times it can mask outright manipulation. In a lot of cases it indicates a lack of boundaries. The woman asked to bake brownies for a school function may outwardly smile and pleasantly accept, while inwardly seething. And then passive aggressively retaliating. Throw in the nice guys who claimed to be our friends and then went psycho when we didn;t want to be more than friends, and you’ll have women who are wary of niceness. Because of the societal expectation, and our varying degrees of conforming to it, we are all too aware of it’s lack of virtue in a variety of situations. In the case of toxic women, their own lack of boundaries and hostility/conflict with their own niceness may be projected onto others.

        Women live in a world of social interaction which may or may not be what it seems. Situational awareness in some cases is an actual survival trait. We look for cues for authentic kindness and cues for contrived kindness. Doesn’t mean we always get it right, but it doesn’t stop us from doing it.

        One of the cues that’s wired into us is kindness with balls. Rightly or wrongly, it;s a subconsience cue for authenticity and the ability to trust. Not just in how a man relates to us but in their ability to protect us.

        Various cues for balls

        Capability, responsibility, emotionally centered, and confidence

      • Edit

        One of the cues that’s wired into us is kindness with balls. Rightly or wrongly, it;s a subconsience cue for authenticity and the ability to trust. Not just in how a man relates to us but in their ability to protect us.

        It’s also attractive.

        I’ll echo The comment by Envoy. Confidence without courtesy is just ugly.

        The whole chicks dig jerks is fine – if you are dating a woman under the age of 22. (When mild narcissism is a natural stage and the brain hasn;t stopped growing.) After the age of 22, not so much. And if you you are involved with someone who needs a jerk, the older she is, the more likelyhood of issues requiring medication.

    • Sean on said:

      40 and want nice guys? Thanks for proving the entirety of the Androsphere correct.

      • Hamster Tamer on said:

        Uh-oh, Rudolph used a word that is verboten to ze female hamster: explain… and he used it 3 times! Not surprisingly, the response is *crickets chirping*.

        Let there be zero wonder why wimminz love .gov jobs.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey on said:

    Kill off the white knights? Yes, please do. The sad chumps will beg for the privilege.

  5. Right on! Sometimes this is hard to reconcile w my Christian beliefs but I realize that one can be kind and strong w out being a nice guy. Thanks so much really enjoying your blog.

  6. Your anger is not doing you any favors…dames? Really?

  7. earl on said:

    The difference between a nice guy and a good guy.

    A nice guy will put up with anything a woman throws at him and is still happy about it…because he’s getting some female attention.

    A good guy will put up with women too…but if she is controlling, manipulative, dictatorial, promiscuous, jealous, BPD, etc. he’ll leave. He has no time for an unhealthy relationship.

  8. Being an actual nice guy is a good trait.
    Being a guy who is chivalrous to a fault, lets women walk all over him/use him as a financial source, has no backbone in regards to his own opinions, and puts women on angelic “special snowflake” pedestals instead of acknowledging they are equally flawed people just like him, is not desirable at all.

    You can have confidence in yourself and your abilities without being an arrogant blowhard.

    You can be desirous of a relationship without feeling invalidated or lesser without one.

    You can be kind to both men and women without needlessly bowing and scraping before the opposite sex.

    You can like a woman while knowing that she is an imperfect human being and will mess up from time to time the same as yourself.

    You can play M:tG every Friday night, be overweight, have little disposable income, take pride in your comic collection, and dress up as Obi-Wan Kenobi for Halloween, and still have a LTR.

    None of these things are mutually exclusive,although it may take some extra searching to find a woman who doesn’t mind/is into the same interests. If you expect to find such a woman in a bar or club, good luck. Try a gaming store, comic shop, videogame convention, or non-Starbucks coffee/tea house instead.

  9. Depends. Are you nice because you have to be or are you nice because you have a choice? The girl friends of nice guys who don’t have a choice end up getting crapped on by other people unless they are assertive themselves. Which usually agitates the boyfriend because people might get mad….at him.

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  11. Depends what you mean by “nice”

    If by nice you mean needy or doing something kind for others with the hopes of getting something in return then that is not really nice.

    Real nice, real kindness is doing something good for others without the hope that you get some sort of return.

    It’s completely ok to do nice things for others simply because you feel good about it.

  12. Yes, yes, yes. You’ve gained a subscriber!

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