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Attraction and dating information for all men And Their Big Dating Survey…And My Comments

The numbers have been tallied and results are in. There is bullshit but also some value. There are many results with social expectation-based answers and way too much marketing for Ironically, owns OKCupid. OKCupid is known for having some seriously analytics on the digital behavior of its members. That should be applied to I’m presenting on commenting on only some of the statistics collected via the survey. Huge caveat here, the results presented on website complete with fancy graphics and limited commentary. The raw date, if available, should be presented.

The results are in italics, my comments are in boldface.

92% of men would feel comfortable if a woman asked them out. Ah, no breakdown on age or geographic demographics. I’m guessing that a generation of sensitive new age guys (SNAGs) is still wallowing in 80s-era social expectations responded that way. Guess what doormats, the man makes the date. He doesn’t ask, he states. “I’m enjoying this, we’re going to have a date this weekend, I’ll take care of the details.” That’s how it’s done. Just today I got a phone number and a promise of a future date by using that same approach.

Only 25% of men want to plan the first themselves. These chumps won’t be getting the date. If they do, there will be no second date. They’re removing themselves from the dating market entirely. The man has the plan, the woman joins him.

35% of men and 27% of women state that a man should always pay for the first date (regardless of who asked who). If this is based on Dating 1.0, this makes sense because first dates based on this model involve an expensive dinner. This means the man spends too much money and creates some uncomfortable expectations for the woman. First dates must be fun, inexpensive, and without any expectations.

Only 14% want to marry for financial security. There is no breakdown of sex on this one so this percentage is useless. Making it more useless is the lack of age demographics in the results. Regardless, what person is going to claim they want to marry for financial security. That’s simply too politically incorrect.

68% of single men and 57% of single women want to have more sex this year compared to last. No, really?! But note the 11% difference ‘twixt men and women.

21% of women and 23% of men have altered the number of sexual partners they’ve had in the past when asked. Just admitting to the change of number is low. This is a lurid example of social expectations (shame, actually) in action.

63% of women find texting during work hours to be full-on phone foreplay, the majority of men cry phone foul on that play. This makes sense. In fairness to my readers, I do text during work but only to those I consider close to me, not potential dates.

Nearly 60% of men say texting too soon with no reply is their number-one phone foul, while women rank it in their top three fouls. Again, makes sense.

When it comes to contacting more than one man, the ladies love lining it up. For 2014, single women say the more (dates) the merrier: 72% say that it is ok to casually date more than one person at the same time, and 60% of men agree! I want an age demographic breakdown on this before I comment.

$61.53 spent per month, per single. 111 million singles. $82 billion annually. I suspect that number is inflated but even if cut in half, that’s some huge money. Hmmmm, I need to press ahead with Red Pill Dating.

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4 thoughts on “ And Their Big Dating Survey…And My Comments

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  2. Borepatch on said:

    You do need to move ahead with Red Pill Dating.

  3. Mark on said:

    Only 14% wanting to marry for financial security probably isn’t accurate. When I was on Match I always had more email responses from women who made less than me than from women who made more. They are most certainly looking at your income. There are probably a lot fewer women, though, marrying for financial security these days than women of previous generations. Many lower income single moms get a lot in the way of food stamps, free school meals for the kids, rent assistance, medicaid, and other benefits. They already have Uncle Sam as their beta male provider. Some middle class women have government jobs that are just disguised welfare and they fall in the same category. It’s really only when you get to the upper middle class that you see women marrying for money which is why the marriage rates at that level haven’t dropped as much. The average guy thinking of doing online dating is probably better off focusing more on improving his looks and game because it will be easier to do that than trying to raise his income to a level which will attract women. The proliferation of game blogs on the internet and the interest in them by men is just a reflection of the current environment. The pendulum will eventually swing back as the economy gets worse and the taxes to fund the female-centric welfare state dry up since all the guys will be at the gym working on their muscles or at the bar practicing their clever pickup lines instead of working a job and paying taxes.

  4. The 92% of men being all right with a woman asking sounds right (I expect about 2 % have ever been asked though!)

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