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“Watch This Video And Get Laid Tonight”

I have signed up to receive emails from the guys selling pick up artistry (PUA) systems. I get many, many of those emails. The subject lines are hilarious. I understand marketing. For the PUA systems guys, here’s how it works:

  • 1. Send out an email with a blatantly false but compelling subject line. Here’s another: “Three words to make a woman wet”.
  • 2. Link to a website with still more marketing messages but no actual content. If there is a link to a video, that video is usually a cartoon-based message that exhorts the viewer to buy the PUA system at massively discounted prices.
  • 3. Hope that enough sexually thirsty guys buy the PUA system so that the PUA marketer doesn’t have to work on a nerd farm.

This brings us to Tucker Max. He’s something of legend regarding the genre of “fratire”. That’s the realm of literature where a young man writes about his life experiences as a guy without a verbal and behavioral filter. National Lampoon, the print magazine (remember paper and ink?), was the king of such writing. Google up some O.C. and Stiggs.   “Nothing handles better than a rented car”. Lulz from the 1980s.

So now Tucker has launched a new website and is using basic marketing to get some online traffic. “Watch this video and get laid tonight”. He did NOT say that term, by the way. Regardless, Tucker’s marketing is along the same lines of Vin DiCarlo. Vin keeps a list of email addresses and does send out messages with the subject line of “watch this video and get tonight” Tucker, meet Vin. Vin, meet Tucker.

The Manosphere doesn’t wallow in such marketing. Worse, the Manosphere takes such marketing words seriously. Tucker claims:

Geoff [an evolutionary psychologist]: “I have looked, quite extensively, for a book or something that honestly and frankly addresses the entire spectrum of sex, dating, women and relationships, especially for men. I have never found one. I have to spend hours answering their very basic questions about these issues.”

Tucker:“No fucking way. This has to exist.”

Yup, Tucker and Geoff lied. So what? This is marketing. Get over it, Manosphere. PUA guys selling “systems” say the most outlandish things, too. Their job is to make money. They might be helping socially awkward men but PUA systems guys are in it for the money. To be perfectly candid, I’m the same.

Here’s an obvious secret: Successful dating coaches have been covertly reading Manosphere blogs for years. Successful dating coaches have to dispense Red Pill attraction and dating advice so their businesses succeed. I have been shunned by most dating coaches for my connection to the Manosphere but I know that those dating coaches seriously read what we are up to.

If the ‘Sphere is angry about Tucker Max, the ‘Sphere needs to understand marketing. Also, the ‘Sphere needs to settle the fuck down. Un-rustle those jimmies.

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15 thoughts on ““Watch This Video And Get Laid Tonight”

  1. docillusion on said:

    So….we should all sit back and do nothing while someone makes money off our work while denying our existence?

    With all due love and respect, Andrew….go to Hell.

    I’m not worried about Max stealing traffic or anything else. I could give a fuck less about traffic. But when I see such blatant lies and scamming, I will call it out. Most of us aren’t actually “upset” or have our panties in a wad. We are used to getting screwed over and painted in a bad light, etc.

    And we always call it out when we find out about it. We always destroy the person who does it. It’s Manosphere protocol. We will Google bomb any journalist, reporter or whatever that slights us. We stopped ABC. We have reach and influence. We use it.

    I’m not crying or anything about Tucker Max. But I will do my part to take him down, as the rest of us are doing. Our duty. I think you misunderstand what we are doing.

    We are more “upset” about Viva than we are about Max.

    • Research the dating coach market. Read what they are saying. The successful ones are all about the Red Pill, but couched in very diplomatic language. Tucker Max is seeking to do what Evan Marc Katz is doing, but for men. Dating coaches won’t publicly acknowledge the Manosphere. Frankly, the Manosphere is bad for public business. But the message from the Manosphere is a dating coach’s bread and butter. This applies to all good dating dating coaches.

      PUA “systems” guys steal from the Manosphere, too. It’s obvious and blatant. Ordinary columnists talking about attraction and dating also stealz from the Manosphere, too. I’ve seen my words copied and pasted into many websites over the years. The HuffPo Women website often presents Manosphere ideas with no credit given to what we say.

      The bottom in is that what we say is unoriginal and not creative. We are simply bringing up controversial ideas and truths that go against the cultural grain.

  2. Professor Highbrow on said:

    About time someone put this out there. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been reading the posts of a number of bloggers reacting to Tucker Max in a ‘how dare you!’ way and thinking ‘But Manosphere bloggers are all about entrepreneurship and making money’. So Tucker Max discovered a huge hole within the Manosphere and decided to use that to his advantage and is now attempting to make money from it. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is a smart move and I wish him all the success in the world.

    Somewhat unsurprisingly, many so-called ‘red pill’ males (I use the term ‘males’ deliberately, because grown men don’t bitch like a bunch of entitled women) took offence to it. I’m wondering whether they’re pissed because he had the audacity to take what they freely chose to give away for nothing and/or rely on sporadic ebook sales to finance their weekly beer fund and have a stab at using that information for profit or whether they’re pissed off at themselves because they realise how stupid they are for not having thought of it first.

    Frankly, this is a good lesson for those people in the Sphere who talk big but carry a little stick. In business, you do what you need to do to make bank. It was only a matter of time before someone came along and saw the potential for serious money to be made from what is essentially being given away for free.

    You’ve got all these guys patting each other on the back telling themselves and their minions what hot shit they are, but out in the real world, quite frankly, they’re nobodies with no real understanding of how business works. My business is in finance and I can tell these guys, there are blokes out there that can eat them for breakfast and will chew them up and spit them out without hesitation. They strut around like King Dick, but frankly they are very small fish in a big ocean.

    If most bloggers want to give their knowledge away for nothing, fine. Just don’t bitch when someone that is smarter and more business savvy than them comes along and figures out a way to make money from it. In my own business I am constantly stealing ideas from other people that do what I do to build my client base. That’s the way business works. I have plenty of friends in my area of business, but let me tell you, I would not hesitate for a second to fuck them over if it meant getting more clients. It’s a dog eat dog world and it’s all about every man for himself. If there are people out there that can’t deal with that, then get the fuck out.

    • docillusion on said:

      You would fuck over your own friends to make an extra dime? That says a lot about you.

      I pay for my domain, and pay for hosting. I don’t have a single ad on my site, or a donate button. This isn’t business. This is helping men/boys be the best they can be, informing and warning then about the pitfalls they face in the world.

      If you think you should be paid to help keep men from getting screwed over by the world, you are no better than Viva la Manosphere.

      My God, what happened to honour and integrity?

      And before you talk some shit about me not understanding finance, I make 6 figures and have 70k in the stock market. Eat a dick.

  3. Agreed. Tucker’s biggest skill might be marketing. Reacting to him on the obvious literal level will have no effect, as the literal content of messages like that have almost nothing to do with his strategy.

    • docillusion on said:

      My post taking down Tucker Max is higher ranked on Google than his own site. People look for “mating grounds by tucker max” they will see me, Danger and Play, Sploosh, and LaidNYC calling him out as a liar and fraud before they find his site…which is on the 2nd page. And we aren’t doing any damage?

  4. theprivatemansuckstuckersdick on said:

    wow, the article basically implies “let it go, realize that its a method of marketing, so just let your self get screwed and waste your personal money to your or other peoples stolen work. coz thats the way it is, no room for hate, and theres nothing you can do about it.” and, “oh yeah tucker stole my work, i dont mind him pounding my ass coz theres nothing you can do about it”.

    well i can say that theres pretty much nothing you can do about it,its already been done, i dont mind the people buying into their work. but i see a lot of room for hate on this, i dont see any reasons why not.

  5. laidnyc on said:

    “Get over” fradulent marketing? Calling out bullshit marketers is a public service. When people get a bad vibe from a site, they should be able to Google it and see its reputation. Is Consumer Reports just a bunch of whiners with rustled jimmies?

    You could argue that this particular lie is miniscule compared to many marketers, especially PUA marketers. But that’s part of my point: The lie was entirely unnecessary. It won’t increase his audience, and to anyone in the know it makes him less trustworthy. Integrity is big in business. I don’t call out every PUA with a pop-up ad because I think its obvious they’ve spent all their integrity. But I personally lost trust in Tucker Max because of this. That’s why I called it out.

    Ultimately I will say that if Mating Grounds produces good content, this whole episode is water under the bridge. And I mean interesting, unique content, not just “stuff I agree with”. However, I stand by my predictions that it will an aggregation of stuff anyone can Google, and just generally “Red Pill Light”. But we have reached the “wait and see” portion of the show, so we’ll leave things here for now.

    • theprivatemansuckstuckersdick on said:

      I would really want to see what ThePrivateMan thoughts on your comment. Anyways, i dont think i’d be reading a comprehensive comment, but i think he’d still probably stand for his illuminating thought and not consider its ignorance and flaws. His still probably sucking Tuckers dick.

  6. Here’s my issue with Tucker, that I’ve realized:

    TRP is, frankly, not about sex. It’s obviously very close, but it’s not actually about sex. Guys on the internet, looking for sex, go to porn or prostitutes.

    TRP is about truth. Even and especially when it’s ugly truth you’d rather ignore.

    And red pills don’t sell. If they did, they wouldn’t be red.

    Stare long enough into your audience, and it starts staring into you.

    • I think that’s right.

      Hard truth doesn’t sell. Easy sells – fast money, quick results, shortcuts, secrets of success, one weird trick, etc. Showing guys how much better their lives could have been if they’d had a clue earlier, last year, 10 years ago, decades ago? That’s a hard sell because it comes with a lot of pain and offers improvement only in exchange for hard work.

      It may be that the most successful marketers of this stuff are going to be slick assholes who take the hard truth and soften it for mass consumption. That doesn’t mean the hard truth will be any less true, or that those who are serious about it won’t be able to find it.

  7. Tam the Bam on said:

    Tucker Max is 6ft tall and rhymes with the Goldmansacks.
    Tin hats, chaps, uno hoo will be along soon, now you’ve summoned him.
    Although I have heard it is safe to mention his name as long as one is not so foolish as to repeat it 3 times while facing in the direction of 2001 Constitution Ave, NW. lozlozlllz

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