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“Watch This Video And Get Laid Tonight”

I have signed up to receive emails from the guys selling pick up artistry (PUA) systems. I get many, many of those emails. The subject lines are hilarious. I understand marketing. For the PUA systems guys, here’s how it works:

  • 1. Send out an email with a blatantly false but compelling subject line. Here’s another: “Three words to make a woman wet”.
  • 2. Link to a website with still more marketing messages but no actual content. If there is a link to a video, that video is usually a cartoon-based message that exhorts the viewer to buy the PUA system at massively discounted prices.
  • 3. Hope that enough sexually thirsty guys buy the PUA system so that the PUA marketer doesn’t have to work on a nerd farm.

This brings us to Tucker Max. He’s something of legend regarding the genre of “fratire”. That’s the realm of literature where a young man writes about his life experiences as a guy without a verbal and behavioral filter. National Lampoon, the print magazine (remember paper and ink?), was the king of such writing. Google up some O.C. and Stiggs.   “Nothing handles better than a rented car”. Lulz from the 1980s.

So now Tucker has launched a new website and is using basic marketing to get some online traffic. “Watch this video and get laid tonight”. He did NOT say that term, by the way. Regardless, Tucker’s marketing is along the same lines of Vin DiCarlo. Vin keeps a list of email addresses and does send out messages with the subject line of “watch this video and get tonight” Tucker, meet Vin. Vin, meet Tucker.

The Manosphere doesn’t wallow in such marketing. Worse, the Manosphere takes such marketing words seriously. Tucker claims:

Geoff [an evolutionary psychologist]: “I have looked, quite extensively, for a book or something that honestly and frankly addresses the entire spectrum of sex, dating, women and relationships, especially for men. I have never found one. I have to spend hours answering their very basic questions about these issues.”

Tucker:“No fucking way. This has to exist.”

Yup, Tucker and Geoff lied. So what? This is marketing. Get over it, Manosphere. PUA guys selling “systems” say the most outlandish things, too. Their job is to make money. They might be helping socially awkward men but PUA systems guys are in it for the money. To be perfectly candid, I’m the same.

Here’s an obvious secret: Successful dating coaches have been covertly reading Manosphere blogs for years. Successful dating coaches have to dispense Red Pill attraction and dating advice so their businesses succeed. I have been shunned by most dating coaches for my connection to the Manosphere but I know that those dating coaches seriously read what we are up to.

If the ‘Sphere is angry about Tucker Max, the ‘Sphere needs to understand marketing. Also, the ‘Sphere needs to settle the fuck down. Un-rustle those jimmies.

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