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Carrying One’s Self

“Carry” has a different meaning than simply hauling something around. It also means how one presents himself or herself in the public space. “Carry” in the context of this meaning is no longer USED often. It’s a word that is simply losing favor as the English language evolves. It’s a word that needs to stay alive because it fits so nicely to the concepts of successful dating attraction.

Here are some examples of phrases that use the word “carry” in this context.

“She carries herself with grace and style.”

“He carries himself with quiet dignity.”

“She carries herself gravely.”

“He carries himself like a fool.”

These phrases sound as if from a 19th century novel. They are still valid, however. Masculine Charisma and feminine charm can be so easily described when using “carry”. Consider how people perceive you. If someone asked “How does he carry himself?” What do you think would be the answer? The same applies equally to women. “How does she carry herself?”. The answer gets to the heart of how the public perceives that person. You are that person.

“Carry” includes personality, attitude, behavior, and appearance – in that order. This is why the word is so useful. It strikes to the heart of having a well-rounded personality. So much of self-improvement for men and women alike is based on constituent parts and not the whole person as presented to the public. The modern manifestation of “carry” is “frame”. Frame is a more common term now but it’s still not common enough to ask “What’s his frame”? Unless you’re with a Red Pill aware person, the question isn’t understandable to enough people.

Given today’s political correctness, “carry” implies judgment. Indeed, it is a word that judges. There is nothing wrong with that. Privately, in our own minds, we judge other people constantly. We make a mental evaluation of the person we are interacting with and come to certainly conclusions about that person. No amount of social conditioning will change that.

So, reader, how do you carry yourself?

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