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Three Years O’ Blogging

It’s been three years since I started this blog. It started as a way to express myself and to describe my dating efforts. A writer’s got to write. It was very fortunate that Dalrock found my blog within the first two months of its existance. He gave me a fine endorsement and that really started things for this blog. For the record, I’ve been commenting and writing about men’s issues since 2007 under a variety of pseudonyms.

Over the years, my blog posts have evolved from being rather negative to being mostly positive so I could help post-divorce singles meet their relationship goals. The blog’s traffic steadily increased and it currently stands at over 1.7 million total page views since the beginning. The average daily page view count is still over 1,200. I’m pleased with the loyalty.

I did make some very personal posts about my individual dates. Those posts were deleted because I realized that my knowledge of attraction and dating is about generalities, not just my personal experiences. It would be arrogant of me to assume that my personal experiences are reflective of every man’s experience.

I’ve met and corresponded with many readers. They are all interesting and intelligent people and a serious blessing to this blog. I must thank you readers, commenters, and personal visitors who I’ve met in real life. Y’all have seriously enhanced my blogging life and provide continual motivation. The donations over the past couple of years have been incredibly inspiring, as well. If any more of my readers and commenters want to visit Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, I offer my hospitality.

Last year’s plans for Red Pill Dating were seriously interrupted by the vagaries of my health and the power of gravity over my motorcycling abilities. This is also why my blogging output declined. However, I’ll still keep at. It’s an extremely delicate balance between the mainstream world of dating advisers/coaches and the very genuine and strong feelings of many Manosphere readers. Reality and truth must always always be the focus. That’s not always easy when one is trying to make a living from doling out truths and realities while couching them with pretty lies. I’m not yet making a living from giving advice so I can lean away from the pretty lies, but only for now.

The Manosphere has not been without drama in the past three years. Conflicts amongst individuals and groups have happened and are still ongoing. That’s not surprising when guys with high confidence and strong convictions inhabit the same space, even if virtual and conceptual. As of today, the Men’s Human Rights Activist (MHRA), Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), and Pick Up Artists (PUA) are three distinct divisions of the Manosphere. I don’t expect the divide and conquer strategy will work, however. As an aside, the conflicts between individuals matter little in the long run.

There’s much ahead for this endeavor. Despite the challenges, I’ll find the energy and time to make things happen. I hope my blogging colleagues do the same and ignore the conflicts.


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5 thoughts on “Three Years O’ Blogging

  1. TPM,
    As a longtime reader thanks for blogging. This was a trying year for you, look forward to more Red Pill knowledge from you in 2014

  2. Excellent.

  3. You’ll do it until you get it right.

    (j/k. TPM is a unique and useful resource for those of us in the post-youth demographic. Keep up the good work.)

  4. Thank you very much for your efforts. Your insights have been very valuable to me.

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