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White Knights Attack!

Earlier this evening, a white knight physically attacked me. For real. I was talking about not putting women on the pedestal and he pushed his hands against my chest in an aggressive manuever. I didn’t respond. Actually, I was rather amused.

A bunch of bar patrons collected him and pushed him out. Cool. This is my regular hang out and it wasn’t his. So, it was made clear to him that he was no longer welcome.

White Knights are angry and want to be violent… to protect women. I held my ground. The White Knight was furious. I was talking about about not putting women on a pedestal. He grew angrier and angrier…

Finally, he pushed against on my chest, with both hands. He was seriously furious. I laughed. The bar patrons “organized” his retreat and away he went. Wow. That was interesting.

I am surprised yet not surprised by the events of this evening.

White Knights, go fuck yourselves.

Oh, and my dog was useless throughout all of this.

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21 thoughts on “White Knights Attack!

  1. It’s probably because your dog was drunk.

  2. YouSoWould on said:

    It seems people will go to extreme lengths to protect their ego when you threaten their world view, and expose them to the risk of realising how worthless and unsuccessful they are.

    But it’s normal. It’s an evolutionary mechanism developed to stop people being so manically depressed that they top themselves.

  3. Show me a White Knight and I’ll show you a pussy who is too scared to approach a woman. “Fighting” on behalf of women is their only way to remind themselves they serve a purpose in a woman’s life.

    Seriously. They are a race of nutless cowards.

  4. Stand Watie on said:

    But all the women in the bar swarmed him because they were so impressed they wanted to sleep with him, right? Or at least they would have if the other meanies hadn’t made him leave. They were probably intimidated by the other meanies. Yeah, that’s it.

  5. Fighting to protect women is doing it wrong.

    Fighting to protect your ego is doing it wrong.

    Fighting to learn more about yourself is doing it right.

  6. We had a “White Knight” at work for the past few months . . . it is interesting that he could only recall having dated strippers, and from the clubs he named these would have been the kind of strippers that required no cover charge ,

    Interesting, I was having trouble with a female co-worker and he felt the need to ride to the rescue . . . but when he attempted to make things physical a simple smile followed by “Go ahead chief, lets fulfill your fantasy of breathing through a tube” . . . . dumb shit backed right down=, well , except for the usual name calling one might expect from a limp-wristed liberal male.

    Anyhow, none of the women could stand this guy, he thought he was Don Juan, was but they thought he was a fat sweaty douche bag. He was.

  7. Lotario on said:

    It is not your responsability to teach randoms game. If nature intended it, they would’ve stumbled on it already. Teaching game to the wron person can have dangerous repercussions. Game should only be thought to your siblings to ensure your legacy. Laymans should be made to pay.

  8. Hamster Tamer on said:

    Nice tease, but you really owe us more details, incl. the set-up, and the actual punchline “bah-DUM-TSSss” (*rimshot*).

    … my dog was useless throughout all of this.

    I *warned* you, Lucy does understand English, and does not appreciate being “ugly”. 😮

  9. and THIS is why i’m a fan of being a staple at my local. he’s lucky, i’d have fucking ate his food. it’s all fun and games until you put your hands on me.

  10. Richard Cranium on said:

    I had a little episode in a Target in North Dakota last year. Was just hanging around minding my own business waiting for my friends when some middle-aged broad came up to me unsolicited and got in my face and yelled “Really? REALLY?” and stormed off. I yelled after her and for a second considered confronting her but then I thought oh yeah if I did that no doubt several white knights would have intervened and “taught me how to talk to a lady” or some shit. I’m not into making scenes in public so I let it go.

    I honestly have no idea what her deal was. All I can think is there was a couple of young girls in the vicinity more attractive than she was and she probably thought I was checking them out (I really wasn’t) and figured she’d put me in my place. The whole episode was funny and sad at the same time.

  11. Emma the Emo on said:

    While it’s an amusing post, I’m glad it didn’t turn into anything bad.

  12. John Salt on said:

    Reminds me of this

  13. John Salt on said:

    Sorry, the above video was supposed to start at the 9m 55s mark.

  14. Padre99 on said:

    Perhaps I’m old school, in the day this sort of thing would not even rate a comment, let alone a blog post. Just a shrug and “he’s a bitch” head knod amongst friends

  15. patriarchal landmine on said:

    all MGTOW need to be armed.

  16. “I’ll eat your food.”

    Df504 is a one-man grandstand of epic awesomeness. Archer should aspire to his grandeur!

  17. kash dymé on said:

    I hate when white knights get all white knighty and bust out their lances and assume the rest of us want to joust with them. The rest of us don’t care about their dumb horses and their little knight tournaments. Stupid white knights. You bring women up and unless you are making women out to be goddesses here comes a white knight with his lance all bent out of shape and ready to go on his stupid bucking horse.

  18. redpillcomic on said:

    Everybody is the hero in their own story. You just happened to be his villain that day.

  19. It is important to understand what he was hearing. What he was hearing was that his entire lifetime of investing in the NiceGuy methodology was going to net him zero return.

    This guy does not really care about women. He cares about realizing that he has been shooting himself in the foot all these years.

    There is one other possibility, though, which is very real. And that is that he was acting on his delusional hero fantasy despite the fact that there were no women present. Perhaps he was just practicing his game as well? His pathetic little loser game, albeit.

    Guys like that are scary, since they are white knighting for the imaginary women in their head.

  20. I’ve come to conclusion that this stuff is truly a “religious” belief for some people – I’ve read the articles about it and under the psychology involved with “defending” your beliefs. But this stuff is crazy. Better to always just laugh at these people and walk away.

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