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White Knights Attack!

Earlier this evening, a white knight physically attacked me. For real. I was talking about not putting women on the pedestal and he pushed his hands against my chest in an aggressive manuever. I didn’t respond. Actually, I was rather amused.

A bunch of bar patrons collected him and pushed him out. Cool. This is my regular hang out and it wasn’t his. So, it was made clear to him that he was no longer welcome.

White Knights are angry and want to be violent… to protect women. I held my ground. The White Knight was furious. I was talking about about not putting women on a pedestal. He grew angrier and angrier…

Finally, he pushed against on my chest, with both hands. He was seriously furious. I laughed. The bar patrons “organized” his retreat and away he went. Wow. That was interesting.

I am surprised yet not surprised by the events of this evening.

White Knights, go fuck yourselves.

Oh, and my dog was useless throughout all of this.

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