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I’m Mulling Over A Crowdfunding Idea…

Crowdfunding represents a good opportunity for launching a business with small investments. My recent medical costs (despite health insurance) hit me pretty hard and sucked out all my bootstrapping funds. I’m not letting that deter me. I’m passionate about what I’m doing here so I’m moving ahead once again with a different tactic. The strategy remains the same.

I’m looking to recharge my business of offering live and fun classes and events for post-divorce men and women to help them realize their relationship goals. This means teaching them the (sometimes uncomfortable) truths about attraction and dating. I’ve already done one class with great success. My regular readers already know this.

I’d like to do a whole bunch more classes/events here in the south Florida market and beyond. This requires serious marketing and that doesn’t come cheap. I am not a marketing person nor do I want to be one. I’m the guy in front of the audience making people laugh and helping them learn the truth about attraction and dating. I’m extremely good in front of an audience with lots of experience. I need to hire a freelance marketing person. There are also some other expenses but compared to marketing (that includes advertising), those are minor. I need to get some better video equipment, a fancy projection monitor, a screen, and some other things.

This is not a one-on-one coaching business but individual clients can be accepted. The problem with one-on-one coaching is that there are a finite number of hours in a day and that limits business growth. Classes are much more scalable, from small groups to large halls. Also, classes can be held in other cities with other instructors/entertainers because the curriculum is consistent. The target market is both men and women so clearly this is not a “pick up artistry” bootcamp for young men. I want people to laugh and learn in a live environment to help them with this whole Dating 2.0 thing.

The business website has been up and running for awhile – However, I will be rebranding the business to Dating 2.0 (The URL will be I got sidetracked for several months but it looks like I’ll live so it’s time to move ahead with previous plans. The return for the small investments will be free copies of the first book (in progress) and two free seats to any class at any time or free access to any premium videos or paid webinars I might produce.

Please note that I want to focus on live events. We’re all so gung ho on making money from the Internet we forget that attraction and dating happens out there in the real world.  This is why singles events are becoming so popular. Such events are an opportunity for people to actually see and interact with each other in person.  Singles need to move away from the computer screens, passively watching dating advice videos or webinars.  Yes, I will be partnering with local meetup singles groups. They are always looking for fun live events and I’m just the guy for that.

My readers are a bright and savvy bunch so your feedback is especially welcome. If an individual investor wants to get involved on a more formal basis, email me so we can talk further.


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4 thoughts on “I’m Mulling Over A Crowdfunding Idea…

  1. redpillcomic on said:

    I think you have a good idea, particularly with the “divorced man” niche. A lot easier to target and market to than every dude on earth.

    Don’t fret too much about fancy equipment and marketing, at first. Not necessary.

    Have you considered online seminars and the like? A webinar is super cheap and you can do it from your laptop. Same with group phone calls, etc. I have friends who make a ton of money doing those—they did the live events and retreats later.

    You can do free webinars as feeders for your paid stuff. Same as your free info on your blog (which is great, btw.)

    I’d also become acquainted with writing sales copy. Sites like Copyblogger and studying successful dating marketers (David DeAngelo, etc) can help you with that.

    • The classes are my first priority but the classes can spin off videos and webinars. Because this is a geography-based endeavor, I have to focus on the the local market first. This is why I want to hire a local freelance marketer who has solid local knowledge. Also, the dating coach video and webinar market is too well saturated. I have to differentiate what I do to get a market advantage. So, that means live events. That suits my passion far better.

  2. redpillcomic on said:

    And to follow up, by “paid stuff” I meant your live events. DIdn’t want to seem like I was completely ignoring your desire to be in front of an audience. (Trust me, I understand the feeling.)

  3. Good idea — in fact, there’s probably a very good and profitable niche in the 40+ male world – in that most of us have some money in our pockets (depending on the final divorce agreement of course) and willing to travel.

    I think books and videos would be of benefit – some as “bait” to entice someone to purchase more and some as the “paid” variety. Time is the constraint – and the way you leverage time is by multiplying the “channels” to your market.

    You have probably looked at his site – but Dr Glover (of No More Mr Nice Guy fame) focuses on several channels to maximize his revenue stream. In Person, Web Conference, his Book, etc. Depending on your long term goal, his model may be something you want to look at – and replicate.

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