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Donation Time!

I’ve only pushed for donations once before. It’s time again. While I do have medical insurance, there are many costs which that are not covered and it’s getting rather expensive. Also, my transportation costs are way up because I can’t drive. My still awful depth perception means I am unsafe behind the wheel or handlebars.

I’m asking readers to donate (donate button on right) again. A donation of any size is welcome and will help keep me going and focused on reading, blogging, and Tweeting rather than my cancer. When readers are actively donating, it’s a huge motivator for me. Thanks in advance!

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4 thoughts on “Donation Time!

  1. Richard Cranium on said:

    Sent a few shekels wish I could send more. Also I’ll be in town in a couple of weeks and drinks are on me!

  2. Sent you some dough on Monday. More in the realm of burrito money than cure cancer money. But maybe burritos cure cancer.

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