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Going Public?

There is some definite controversy about Manosphere bloggers going public. Most bloggers here are anonymous. I support that. When the person stating the idea is anonymous, the idea must be argued, not the person presenting the idea. Anonymity is the best defense against the ad hominem. The tactic is effective, but only to a point. Sometimes, it’s necessary for someone to step from behind that curtain of anonymity. Yes, I know that Matt Forney and Danny are public. Matt Forney has already dealt with the MSM and turned down the opportunity.

I am offering myself up for real interviews from the media (mainstream or otherwise) about the Manosphere and Red Pill wisdom as it relates to attraction and dating. I’ve already done one lengthy interview so if anyone is curious about my voice and interview style, it’s available here.

It’s extremely important to know that I am not a spokesman for the ‘sphere, I am simply a participant in it. I will never claim to be a spokesman.

Through direct experience, I know exactly how the mainstream media works so I have four non-negotiable conditions:

1. Audio or email interviews only. Again, this is about dealing with ideas, not individuals. A video interview can be edited to make anyone on the receiving end of the interview look awful or crazy. Also, video can be used to easily create the ad hominem logical fallacy: “Oh, he’s bald and has brown eyes, he must be full of shit!”

2. Mutual recording/emailing. All interviews, regardless of format, will be recorded by me in its entirety without editing. I will then post that entire interview on my blogs or somewhere so the listener or reader can know how much editing was done. This includes “pre-interviews” and any email correspondence leading up to an interview.

3. The subjects of attraction and dating only. I don’t do politics anymore. I won’t talk about politics. I won’t even talk about social issues that are unrelated to the attraction and dating issues. Also, I’m the worst person to be talking about committed, intimate relationships.

4. Nothing too personal. This is about ideas, not the individuals who discuss those ideas. If I bring up something personal, then the interviewer can ask about it for the purposes of clarification. I reserve the right to say “this is beyond the scope of this discussion”.

Having such conditions will certainly limit the number of interviews I might get. I understand the consequences of my actions in this regard.

Despite these restrictions, I do give good interview. Of course, the MSM is looking for a raving crackpot to boost clicks and ratings. That ain’t me. I’ll substitute ravings with thoughtful discussion and a very healthy dose of humor. I’ve even been accused of being “down to earth”. Oh, the horror!

As well, this invitation goes out to other Manosphere bloggers and writers. Focusing just on attraction and dating yields a wealth of interesting potential subjects to discuss: Dating 2.0, the nature of attraction, re-entering the dating marketplace after divorce, natural gender behaviors, etc. Such discussions can be very informative.

This is a risk. I’ll likely catch some crap for being a big ol’ attention whore. I’ll also get excoriated by the mainstream media for my connection to the more visceral elements of the Manosphere. I don’t simply don’t care. Other priorities have my full attention.

To reach me: emailtheprivateman at gmail. Or, simply make a comment on this blog post. All comments go into moderation so I can read the comment and don’t have to make it public. This could get interesting.

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13 thoughts on “Going Public?

  1. it’s kinda like guerrilla war. standing up and announcing yourself as a vulnerable target is not a possibility right now.

  2. John Doe on said:

    Many angry women/feminist will attack a man irl just because he said something that offended them online… female murderers are more likely to kill with poison than male murderers. It’s not difficult to find stories online about feminist contacting the employers, families, girlfriends, neighbors…ect of men they despise. Just Google search “feminist gets man fired,” or look at the screen cap I’ve included.

  3. since the MSM isn’t my target audience, there’s no reason for me to do an interview (not that that would fucking happen anyway).

    i post openly to show the validity of game. if my short, pale, mediocre ass can be good at attracting women, ANY guy can. hanging with Lucky Lothario these past few days, he more than once mentioned how “not as attractive” i am yet still keep women eating out of my hand. the first night at the strip club brought out his competitive side after he saw me running a 9 brunette.

    nothing against the anon bloggers, but i think being open you can see the real me, the real interactions, and hopefully apply what i try and teach. i remember our talks about your “coming out”. lol. remember those talks?

    and thanks for the link- DICK. kees kees muffin.

  4. Protect your anonymity at all costs. I have used my name from the inception and it caused nothing but grief. Perhaps someday this might be different, but for now it is a reality.

  5. Richard Cranium on said:

    One advantage is you are intelligent and well spoken which is the opposite of the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal misogynist that most of the “sphere is made out to be.

    My only concern would be any professional fallout in this overly PC world with the clucking hens running the HR departments.

  6. “Most bloggers here are anonymous. I support that. When the person stating the idea is anonymous, the idea must be argued, not the person presenting the idea.”

    I concur when it comes to many topics in the Manosphere but disagree about others.

    I think if a blogger gets on his site and lectures others about topics like men needing to have strength and integrity then I personally think they should have the strength and integrity to do so under their own name. Hard to give a lot of credence to an idea when “the person presenting the idea” doesn’t walk the talk.

    Doesn’t mean that those bloggers ideas are wrong, Just that I take them with a lot more grains of salt, then i do from those willing to identify themselves and stand behind their ideas.

  7. It finally got to the point where I had been outed so many times with three former pseudonyms that I said to hell with it and started my current site under my real name. But, with all the requests I’ve gotten for interviews, (some of the venues asking might surprise you), I’ve always respectfully declined. Why? Because with my views, no matter how logically and concisely I answer any question, it’s going to be spun towards the pre-assumptions that the interviewer has. I write under my real name now and be damned the consequences. The only thing that has been a negative is that there is no one within fifty miles who will hang with me. The positive is that the people that I count as my real friends are spread throughout the world and we’re going to Mardi Gras in February.

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  9. My blogging so far has been a combination of rage and seriously politically incorrect postings that could seriously impact my potentially employment

    Of course, over the course of the past couple of years, my two blog have seen a total of less than 1100 page views, mostly by robots…

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