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Weekend Weirdness – Pomeranian Edition

I’m dog-sitting for a week or so. My friend, Brenda, left behind these two Pomeranian dogs for me and Lucy to watch over while she ventures North to do some business at a Christmas gift show up in Virginia. So what the hell am I supposed to do with a couple of Pomeranian dogs?!

Lucy does look bewildered by the whole thing. Thunder is on her right. Lightning is on her left. Hey, I didn’t name the things!


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9 thoughts on “Weekend Weirdness – Pomeranian Edition

  1. They look like they would be really useful for cleaning the dust out of your A/C ducts…

  2. Trouble on said:

    When my Pomeranian was young, he ran behind my bike from downtown Ft Lauderdale to Aruba at the beach…….and back home. He still swims with me and chases me on the motorbike. He is easy to sneak into places like the library and pubix. He likes camping out and hiking. He’s not so into dog beach at Sunrise Blvd. but still, lots of options.

    • A Pomeranian making it all that way on such short legs?! That strains credulity.

    • Hamster Tamer on said:

      They are amazingly energetic, with hyper-efficient thrust:weight ratio! I’ve “met” the two pictured above, and barely survived–they’re feral! 😉

      If TPM had just a half dozen more, he’d definitely have a sled/skateboard pulling team, LOL. (Too late, you already pictured it… all those yappers harnessed together… scary.)

  3. Awww the look on Lucy’s face is priceless! The Poms are kinda cute in a Swiffer kind of way.

  4. Trouble on said:

    Shave a pom and he has the legs of a Kenyan marathoner

    • OK, a shaved Pomeranian is not a visual I want to dwell on. Yikes.

      The other disturbing visual is thinking about the legs of the Pomeranian. Double yikes.

      I will not be shaving these dogs as they don’t belong to me.

    • Hamster Tamer on said:

      What’s intriguing is the same basic (what I like to call the) Mammalian Metabolic Operating System (MMOS = liver, pancreas, etc.) scales all the way from tiny mice to massive elephants, with h. Sapiens somewhere in between. Massive marine mammals could probably be included too.

      Pommies–and their larger cousins, Huskies–definitely turn modest amounts of grub into major amounts of charging around… and growing fur.

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