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Dating 2.0 And Baby Boomers

Younger people have done a very good job of adopting the positive and negative elements of Dating 2.0. When a young woman or man fires off some clever texts (or sexts) even while dancing with someone else, that’s an example of that Dating 2.0 adoption. Actually, young people invented Dating 2.0 by using technology created by that consumate Baby Boomer, Steve Jobs.

Baby Boomers (those born ‘twixt 1946 and 1963 or so) are not adjusting to Dating 2.0 particularly well. This is understandable because when these folks entered the dating scene, the expectations of Dating 1.5 were in full force. As well, AIDs and herpes in the 1980s were helping to dial back some of the promiscuity from the 1970s and this impacted the dating behaviors for younger of Baby Boomers.

When the newly single boomers enter a dating marketing re-engineered by younger people, there’s lots of initial failure. There are some patterns to the failures:

  • Men who over-share prior to initial dates.
  • Women who don’t understand they must offer what men actually want.
  • Men who are far too casual about their dates.
  • Women who insist that being Strong and Independent® is what men desire.
  • Men who actually believe that Strong and Independent® women are the zenith of female attractiveness.
  • Men and women alike who are simply not ready for dating.

This list contains a relatively small number of examples and shares of boomer dating between both genders equally. The biggest failures of baby boomer are because of too many decades of exposure to politically correct social expectations.

It’s so very difficult to cast away social expectations related to attraction and dating. But boomers must realize what dating approaches worked prior to first marriges doe not necessarily work in modern times. “Yeah, but I met my first spouse that way.” My response is always “So, how’s that working for you now?”

There are a lot of cringeworthy things to read about baby boomers doing the attraction and dating thing. But reading such things is neither encouraging nor productive. Successful dating coaches usually have great blogs but they tend to spend too many words on marketing. Well, their job is to provide paid advice. Hell, I do that on rare occasions, as well.

There is finally a wealth of much better baby boomer attraction and dating  information advice coming into the marketplace, most often through the Internet marketplace. Baby boomers should be reading it.

[Note: I’m still in the damned hospital]

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11 thoughts on “Dating 2.0 And Baby Boomers

  1. My mom is a boomer and she still can’t get over the fact that people meet online and then date. Needless to say she’s not with the times.

  2. I never know if I’m a boomer or not. Born in 64.

    Where is the best info? I’m sure to check it out, though I’m not doing too bad. Dating 3 different women currently after having a bit of oneitis for one.

    Get well soon too.

  3. In the know on said:

    Well, I really love how people love to generalize things.

    I am 55 (born in 1958) and I was an early adopter to the whole internet revolution. In fact, I was using the internet in 1991, when it was part of UUNET (long story there, but I will save you the pain of the details). The fact is, I have been CRUSHING PUSSY for many years and started dating on-line when and Matchmaker were the sites of choice and they were free. It was highly “taboo” to even tell someone you met on the internet in 1995. Oh…specifically, what is “crushing pussy”. Well…you do not get use that term unless you are >1,000 women. Yes. I am not bullshitting you.

    That said, I am retiring from the game. The author is right here, most men over 45, do not have a fucking clue. First, a good many of them are OUT OF SHAPE! They put on their internet profiles: “Athletic” when they cannot even squat their body weight for 10 reps or do 12 pullups. I am NOT generalizing here. At all.

    Secondly, they have little or no game. I guess part of if has to deal with just keeping up with the way things have changed AND since change is hard for most men, they resort to what they know best…what worked in the past. I can tell you, most women under 30 can run circles around older men when it comes to social media and in general, handling BETA’s who are older and just have money to throw at them.

    Finally, at some point, you do have to “retire” from the game. At 55, I am finally going to get married. She is 42 and was not raised in America (go figure). She also loathes feminism and pretty much thinks that most of female friends are batshit crazy. I had a very good cross-section of references to finally come to conclusion that while I can still run the game well in my 50’s, everything in life has it’s lifecycle.

    In regard to baby-boomer men…my advice to read a many well-written articles that you can in the Manosphere, get your ass in the gym, stop trying to please women, do not spend a shitload of money on them when you are first dating them, learn how to talk to them, DO NOT put them on pedestal, invest in yourself, stop “acting old”, change and upgrade your clothes and personal grooming, get a decent smartphone and just learn to be interesting. The rest will take care of itself.

    Oh one more thing…get the fuck off the computer and get out there…talk to some women, you will get rejected, but who cares…NEXT! God will make more women. I can guarantee you that!

  4. Yeah lets not generalize. Let’s play with exceptions. Oh and jerk our own chains. Yay.

    Congrats pops. You are the definition of a real man. Just ask any of those PUA kids running around dropping their DNA all over those confused millennial chix or those post-wall Strong Independent Women who don’t “need” a man.

    Most baby boomers weren’t rolling naked in the mud on some farm in NY, so despite all the free love BS they still might be a little thrown by the fact that giving or getting a shag passes as the nirvana of socialization these days. And as ditzy as that generation has proven to be, the still cling to a few tidbits of their parents morals. Close your legs ladies. That’s what your moms don’t understand. The “internet” part of it just makes it more obvious.

    Who cares about boomers “dating” anyhow. They’ve had the easiest period in all of human history and still managed to f*ck it up for the next several generations. It was their frivorces and shameless self-interest that launched all of this nonsense to begin with. Ha, the internet. I see plenty of giddy blue-hairs with their tablets, scrolling through the NYT and their FB pages like their are in the know, the cutting edge. They suck at dating because they suck at life. Always have. Society will be better off once we let the clock run out on these leeches. Bring on soylent green.

    So go out and pop your blue pills and take your little touch-of-grey hard-on and crack the 2,000 pussy barrier. Nobody cares. Props on the pull-ups though. At least a few of these people aren’t pear-shaped dolts just waiting to bleed the system dry with their poor lifestyle choices.

    Get well PM.

  5. Doktor Bill on said:

    Statistically & factually, 1960 is the last year of the goddamn Boomers; more kids were born that year than the next 5yrs COMBINED. Those 5 years or so are the Actual GenX, not the Boomer Babies who have adopted the label. Please stop lumping us in with them just because there are so few of us, thanks. BTW-Get better soon.

  6. Get better and I want as much detail about Dating 2.0 for us old geezers — I really want to work through it and get really good at it. ‘Cause there’s still some life to live in these bones, and I want to enjoy it.

  7. well done, great post

  8. “Statistically & factually, 1960 is the last year of the goddamn Boomers; more kids were born that year than the next 5yrs COMBINED.”


  9. Dating is a hard thing to do these days. its all about putting yourself out there…. whether its online or not…

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