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The Mainstream Media Comes To The Manosphere

As Roosh predicted, 2013 is the year that the Manosphere starts getting serious attention from the mainstream media.

Note: the term “mainstream media” is well on its way to becoming an oxymoron.

Roosh was correct. The “news” program 20/20 on ABC was approaching Manosphere writers to look for something emotionally inflammatory to broadcast so as to gin up the ratings. They found enough, but barely.

The 20/20 show approached Matt Forney in hopes of finding some rapid fellow who would make himself look foolish on television. His reasonable and rational responses completely flummoxed them. He declined the public interview. Smart man, he is.  Actually, the vast majority of Manosphere writers are reasonable and rational and only resort to hyperbole when a truly important point must be made.

Matt’s excellent commentary about his experience with the producers of 20/20 shows just how much of an emotional hit piece this will be. FYI, 20/20 is airing tonight, October 18 at 10PM Eastern time [Edit – it was postponed]. I won’t be watching it. There’s a bit of a preview here. The authors of the written piece are both young women and not journalistic heavy-hitters. This is very telling and speaks of a throw-away broadcast segment. Seriously, 10PM on a Friday? Paul Elam’s sound bites are good but he’s taken on a losing proposition. The comments on the piece are many and interesting.

More edits: Matt has been quite active regarding his response to this media situation. He has written three excellent follow-up blog posts that should be read:

It’s interesting that I was never contacted. Hell, I actually own the URLs “” and “” (I need to update my address for whois). Perhaps the 20/20 producers perused my blogs and discovered I was less about inflammatory speech and more about helping men to improve themselves so they can meet their relationship goals. That’s hardly good ratings material because reasonable, fact-based discussion (“hate facts!”) doesn’t generate sufficient emotions. It’s quite boring compared to the wailing and gnashing of teeth generated by unproven cyber-bullying from the grievance-oriented feminist ideologues suffering from rape Tourettes.

I agree with Roosh that 2013 will be the year that the mainstream media discovers the Manosphere. But given the general irrelevancy of entertainment programs like 20/20, such attention will crest and fall so quickly that most will never notice it. The Manosphere will soldier on, revealing Red Pill wisdom in a slow but amazingly strong way. The Manosphere is not a cultural tsunami. The Manosphere is cultural climate change.

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15 thoughts on “The Mainstream Media Comes To The Manosphere

  1. They contacted me because I own I never replied.

  2. “But given the general irrelevancy of entertainment programs like 20/20, such attention will crest and fall so quickly that most will never notice it.”

    Not many people in my “real life” know that I “hang out” in this little corner of the internet. About 4 people do, my husband included. One of those people is only mildly aware. She knows I have a blog about all the bad things I dislike about feminism (her words) and she knows I have mentioned the “Manosphere” and “Red Pill” once or twice before and that’s about it. Yesterday I got a phone call from her: “This man’s sphere business on the news… that’s that thing you were telling me about, right?” Apparently a friend brought it up to her and she somewhat recognized it. She also knew about #fatshamingweek and ‘King on Thrones’ which was what she thought RoK was called.

    I was shocked. Like really shocked. She’s not the type to exactly follow the news a lot. I thought she was talking about Game of Thrones and men’s wear for a few minutes before I got her meaning. Right before she had called I thought “this whole thing will go largely unnoticed” but now I am wondering about that. A part of the reason is because of *how* she came across the information. Sure, 20/20 isn’t watched that much but the internet can make the smallest of things go viral. Feminists that hate the Manosphere are going to be all over this. I can see it being posted all over Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. It was through Facebook that my friend found out about it.

    I really hope it doesn’t get that much attention for several reasons but now I could see it doing just that.

  3. I find this whole thing both fascinating and utterly unsurprising.

  4. Oh, it’ll be a hit piece alright. But it’s actually a good sign. It means that we’re gaining traction. Not content to snipe from the sidelines, the feminist machinery is starting to churn into gear with a more “mainstream” public smear campaign. But you’re right, it won’t matter in the end. Truth will out.

    Like TWM, I don’t, as the feminists say, “self-identify” to family and friends as hanging out in the manosphere, but there are other ways to impart the same Red Pill truths without raising alarms. It’s like giving your dog a pill by hiding it in some meat.

    And TPM, if you want to really become a manosphere heavy hitter with the big boys, you really gotta start ramping up the hatey hate. Post something nasty about Manjaw Mandy Marcotte and trackback it on her blog. That should do it…

    • I won’t be going after ideologues. There are plenty of other excellent voices doing fine work in that regard. I’ll just help guys over a certain age with their relationship goals. That’s a good niche for me.

    • “Post something nasty about Manjaw Mandy Marcotte and trackback it on her blog. ”

      That’s Manjaw Marcuntte.

  5. And as I predicted (also Roosh), 2013 will be the end of the Manosphere before it even got off the ground. No more keyboard jockeys, theorists and MRA/MRM loonies.

  6. With regard to that 20/20 piece, the key sentence, the core message intended for consumption. can be found, unsurprisingly, almost at the very beginning:

    ”Protected by the anonymity of the Internet, men feel free to post hateful and violent comments.”

    This article is unmistakably part of a larger and concentrated effort of powerful lobbyist groups, not just feminist ones, to outlaw online anonymity. It’s happening, and it has been happening for years. And ultimately they will win. Make no mistake about that. Feminism is set to doom the entire human race.

  7. damn this popcorn is delish. it’s shit like this that makes me happy my site is relatively under the radar.

  8. Hamster Tamer on said:

    Rape Tourette’s Syndrome LMAO! Pry that $10 fee out of your wallet and trademark this with USPTO!

    Definitely need a Chomskyan Goebbels press agent (oy, the irony) to out-maneuver the MSM on this. Corollary: the MSM’s competency is dropping faster than its power over the sheeple, thus providing an “opportunity margin” in which to Game them to Man-o advantage.

  9. “The Manosphere is not a cultural tsunami. The Manosphere is cultural climate change.”

    I like this description. When I first started reading and learning – I came through the NMMNG Forum, MMSL and WOTSM – about a year ago. As I’ve said before, this whole thing is painful for “men of certain” age to realize how we thought the world worked, really wasn’t. I’ve battled the urge to quit reading, to quit gaining knowledge, to quit with this stuff – the problem is, whenever I use some of it, it works. Whenever I really start to pay attention, it’s there in my life.

    That’s why I believe it’s not a cataclysmic event, it’s more like ice flow – or as you said climate change. It will continue to progress – and hopefully, for my sons, it will just be knowledge to them and not a big surprise like it was to me.

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