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Dragon*Con Final Day

Dragon*Con 2013 has ended. The geeks and nerds have dispersed from downtown Atlanta. I’m on the road heading back to South Florida and staying in a wee ‘burg in southern Georgia for the night. I’ve got lots of photos to post but driving and rest takes precedence.

I did meet two of my blog readers. One of them, Alex, was cool enough to volunteer his time to help us with booth stuff, especially when it was time to back up and head back down South. The other reader, John was really cool and actually paid attention to my bombastic (HT Dagonet) nature.

I will post all sorts of photos from Dragon*Con 2013. It was legendary (at least from me).


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2 thoughts on “Dragon*Con Final Day

  1. Alexander on said:

    It’s Alex,

    I had a great time and it was cool to put a face to the name. I’ll have the video of you directing the masses sent over this evening. Stay safe on the rest of your journey homeward.

  2. gee…..i wonder where in s. georgia you’ll be. lol. glad you had fun.

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