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Dragon*Con 2nd & 3rd Days

There was a parade.

There were crowds.

There were costumes.

There were interesting people.

There was an interview with public radio (Orlando affiliate)

There was directing attendees to the 2nd level of Dragon*Con exhibitors/dealers (people selling stuff) and video to come soon.

Here are some photos.





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9 thoughts on “Dragon*Con 2nd & 3rd Days

  1. I have a lot of appreciation for the butterfly chick, but that Galactus outfit is *freakin awesome*. πŸ˜€

  2. wreckmed on said:

    Hey dude, it’s John. I dropped by Saturday to shake hands and shoot the breeze for a while. Glad the Con is going well for you! I look forward to seeing the rest of your posts and thoughts about our crazy, geeky nerd-fest.

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  4. So was the guy trying to game the butterfly girl? And did you see horrible examples of game?

    • I witnessed the typical young-20s scene as they walked past the booth where I was working:

      1. Hot girl in a skimpy costume with a bad boy (in costume) teasing and flirting with her.

      2. Somewhat chubby guy following them both and he was trying to get her attention. He was failing. (Beta orbiter)

      3. Cute, pixie-like girl (short hair) in a creative costume following the beta orbiter.

      The pixie girl was obviously pining away for the chubby guy but the guy had oneitis for the hot girl.

      Yeah, it’s all so predictable.

      • This happens a LOT more often at Cons, now that more women are getting into games/comics. Still less that 20% of the Con population, it’s not like womenfolk are showing up in droves…But yeah, saw a few examples of what you describe @ Gencon last month. Sad, honestly.

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