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Dragon*Con First Day

The lines were long, the streets were full. It was like the running of the bulls at Pamplona except the bulls were cars on Peachtree Street and the runners were costume-wearing Dragon*Con attendees. We got the booth all set up and were ready for the gang o’ geeks. Here’s the finished booth with all the jewelry ready to go:

Booth1Day1Right before opening, a blog reader showed up as planned. He’s going to help for booth dis-assembly on Monday and for that he got an exhibitor pass to attend all the Dragon*Con events he if so decides, 1PM marked the opening hour. Just A few minutes after the lines were at their peak. Here’s the inside line at AmericasMart Building 1:


Here’s the outside line on Peachtree Street:


General pedestrian traffic was rather thick.


Now it’s time for some random photos…









More to come tomorrow.

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One thought on “Dragon*Con First Day

  1. What’s with all the guys in World War II military garb? That must have been an SF/Fantasy series I missed…

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