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Getting To Dragon*Con

If y’all read this post, you know that I am working Dragon*Con to help a friend work a booth as a vendor. Doing a trade show is never an easy task, ask I know from experience. As we were driving to Atlanta from South Florida, Wednesday was travel day. It started on Tuesday when I rode my motorcycle from Boca Raton (where I work) to Port Saint Lucie. It started with this:


I had originally planned to leave at the crack of dawn (hehehe) on Wednesday from my place in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea but common sense and geography prevailed so I packed up on Monday and headed south after work on Tuesday. After a night in Port Saint Lucie, it was time to pack up a truck with the vendor booth stuff and my luggage from the motorcycle. I left it back in Port Saint Lucie because riding from south Florida to Atlanta is long and hard (shut up you guys).


That’s a big ol’ diesel truck surrounding a huge Cummins motor with enough torque to pull stumps. It also holds enough for a 10′ x 20′ vendor booth at Dragon*Con. I drove it because I need the testosterone jolt. Snort, spit, scratch. Men drive trucks, it matters little who is listed on the title.

The drive was long and uneventful. The emphasis is on LONG. As an aside, the new service plazas on the Florida Turnpike are really cool, as in airport cool. There’s even a food court in these new facilities.


Atlanta is a big city and has changed muchly since I lived there over a decade ago. The old school Buckhead entertainment district is being completely tore up so that new high rise condos and office buildings can be erected. Hey, it’s Atlanta.

Thursday is set up day. I hope to have some photos and maybe even a video or two that shows the Dragon*Con vendor set-up process. Damn, I need to learn about shooting videos with my fancy-assed smart phone.

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