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Weekend Weirdness – Ugly Dog Photo Caption Needed

With some effort, a photo of Lucy, my ugly dog, was taken that showed her with an unusual look on her hideous face. So, it’s time for a caption. Hell, it’s time for an outright meme!

Readers, caption on!


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11 thoughts on “Weekend Weirdness – Ugly Dog Photo Caption Needed

  1. Don’t know if that’s good advice, or just crazy

    Did he REALLY just say, “Hold my beer and watch this”?

    That pickup line was as ugly as I am.

  2. Aw, c’mon, she’s not ugly! She’s got a lovely brindle coat.

  3. No caption here, but she reminds me of “Oatmeal,” a wonderfully ugly dog I had years ago. Those ears are reminiscent of The Flying Nun.

  4. “Really?……..told her I’m the one who let out that horrendous fart”

  5. Duuuuude!

  6. “Tell me again just why it is you think you need feminism.”

  7. sharkfinnsoup on said:

    Buxom 4B of unconventional beauty with GSOS, with no puppies seeks short haired mate for casual licks and sniffs of genitalia, walks in the park and snoozes on the rug. To apply, you will be free of parasites and like humans.

  8. Morpho on said:

    “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”

  9. James Versluis on said:

    Are you high? That is clearly a pretty dog. Fuck is wrong with you?

  10. “This face is why my b!tches love it doggy style”
    “Charisma = THE best makeup”

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