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I’m Working At Dragon*Con In Atlanta

Over Labor Day weekend, a friend and I will be trekking from sunny Florida to Atlanta to work at the Dragon*Con event. Lest you think I’ll be dressing up as a super hero (Middle Age Man! – Saturday Night Live reference) and generally being undignified, it’s more of a work trip. My friend has a vendor booth and will be selling her jewelry to the ΓΌber nerds and super geeks who typically attend such events. I’ll be there to assist because I have a strong back and a weak mind. I can also man the booth while she’s away. There’s quite a bit involved – setting up the booth, arranging the merchandise, selling the merchandise, and then packing up.

I’ve always wanted to check out the ‘Con scene to look at the potentially very different human dynamics in this entertaining subculture. It’s my first ‘Con. There are some interesting events to attend, as well (link below). Yeah, I have a geeky side. Shit, I remember watching the original Star Trek on TV in syndicated re-runs. I’ll make a point to take some photos for the blog and even attempt to post live. Hell, my fancy new phone makes some good videos that I might be able to post on YouTube.

If any of my readers attending Dragon*Con wants to stop by and say hello, the booth is in the Atlanta Convention Center along with all the other vendors. It’s a jewelry booth, 2nd floor, #2510 and #2512. I’ll be wearing my kilt. If any of you want to help us out with setting up and tearing down the booth, I can snag a couple of all access passes. If you bring some fine red wine, that will make it easier to part with the extra passes even if you can’t help out. Email me for the details (link below).

I hope my dog is OK while I’m gone. The neighbor will be taking care of her.

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10 thoughts on “I’m Working At Dragon*Con In Atlanta

  1. JulesK on said:

    Your first con is DragonCon? God, you have no idea how lucky you are.

  2. Cons can be a lot of fun. I tend to go to the gaming ones but hit the comic ones now and then. The comic ones actually have females there, sometimes in cosplay costumes which range from very nice to OMG. The gaming ones are a female wasteland.

    After seeing most of the people there, I realize just how normal I appear. My confidence goes through the roof because I realize my SMV is much higher and I am much more socially adept than I previously thought. I need to stop comparing myself to the apex alphas and use more normal men.

    I’m considering attending the next one in a pirate costume. Gives me a built in opener to talk to any person there, and I can ramp up the charisma for the pretty ones.

  3. Since this is a fairly broad-based convention, including media, gaming, etc., it shouldn’t be a complete horror show, more along the lines of the San Diego ComicCon, which has become a major launching point for all kinds of film and television.

    But back in the day, part of my job was to represent my employer at more narrowly focused Sci Fi and Fantasy conventions, more geared toward books. And, let me tell you, those were horror shows. Those cons seemed to attracted every local female shambling landwhale geek for miles around, all of whom thought it an appropriate time to stuff their gelatinous rolls into a bikini as a faux woodland sprite costume. I swear, at the first one I ever attended, one such specimen had blubbery hips so large, that I could have rested my cocktail glass on it.

    Hopefully your experience will be better. Good luck!

  4. Dragon*Con is … fun. And can be completely overwhelming. I hope you have a room at one of the main hotels.

    In addition to media and some of my favorite authors (and some reasonably hot cosplay girls), they have a lot of pretty good bands playing too. I’ve seen Voltaire (very sarcastic acoustic goth, but wryly funny as hell…), The Brobdibagnian Bards (sp?), and absolutely love the Cruxshadows (sortof an upbeat darkwave with mythic overtones and heroes, very little emo angst).

    I’m sure John Ringo will be about somewhere, The guy is an awesome storyteller in person. I think Baen’s started filling out the free library again after the amazon deal axed most of it – there should be some free Ringo you can check out. Or his ravencon AAR, or go to the fifth imperium and download one of the Baen CD’s

  5. do you wanna borrow my glasses. if you need a place to crash on the way up, let me know.

    • Glasses? I don’t get it.

      Your offer is gracious. We’re making a straight shot all the way to Atlanta. My friend has a HUGE Cummins diesel pick up truck and I’ll be behind the wheel. Wooo hoooo!

  6. You’re a Con virgin? That’s awesome!

    I’ve never been to DragonCon, but I just got back from my 7th year at GenCon in Indianapolis. Also been to Orgins, NY ComicCon, GAMA tradeshow, PAX East and some local college Cons. Then again, I work for a gaming store…it’s kinda expected.

    Even though you’ll be tending a booth, make sure you get enough time to at least take a cursory walk around. Us geeks and nerds are good people, you’re in for some fun and interesting entertainment/conversation!

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