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I’m Working At Dragon*Con In Atlanta

Over Labor Day weekend, a friend and I will be trekking from sunny Florida to Atlanta to work at the Dragon*Con event. Lest you think I’ll be dressing up as a super hero (Middle Age Man! – Saturday Night Live reference) and generally being undignified, it’s more of a work trip. My friend has a vendor booth and will be selling her jewelry to the über nerds and super geeks who typically attend such events. I’ll be there to assist because I have a strong back and a weak mind. I can also man the booth while she’s away. There’s quite a bit involved – setting up the booth, arranging the merchandise, selling the merchandise, and then packing up.

I’ve always wanted to check out the ‘Con scene to look at the potentially very different human dynamics in this entertaining subculture. It’s my first ‘Con. There are some interesting events to attend, as well (link below). Yeah, I have a geeky side. Shit, I remember watching the original Star Trek on TV in syndicated re-runs. I’ll make a point to take some photos for the blog and even attempt to post live. Hell, my fancy new phone makes some good videos that I might be able to post on YouTube.

If any of my readers attending Dragon*Con wants to stop by and say hello, the booth is in the Atlanta Convention Center along with all the other vendors. It’s a jewelry booth, 2nd floor, #2510 and #2512. I’ll be wearing my kilt. If any of you want to help us out with setting up and tearing down the booth, I can snag a couple of all access passes. If you bring some fine red wine, that will make it easier to part with the extra passes even if you can’t help out. Email me for the details (link below).

I hope my dog is OK while I’m gone. The neighbor will be taking care of her.

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